Otaku Ramen

Spreading The Love Of Ramen With A 64.01X ROI


As a global shutdown threatened the success & livelihood of small businesses around the world, a Traditional American Ramen Shop nestled in the heart of Nashville was utilizing Drive Social Media’s social-first digital advertising strategy to grow revenue, increase new customer purchases & uncover new markets.






Return On Ad Spend


Return On Investment


Nashville’s Traditional American Ramen Shop

Otaku Ramen is a brick-and-mortar Traditional American Ramen Shop located in The Gulch, a trendy Nashville neighborhood known for its high-end boutiques & trendsetting restaurants.

Otaku partnered with Drive Social Media in January of 2020 with the hopes of driving new purchases, scaling their successful business model & opening more locations across the Nashville area. With that goal in mind, we created a digital strategy specifically catered to speaking directly with ramen lovers around the city, while supporting the growing business on a grander scale.


Finding Ramen Lovers in Nashville TN

With an already established loyal customer base, Sarah Gavigan (the owner of Otaku Ramen) was searching for new & engaging ways to reach an audience that had not yet heard of her Traditional American Ramen Shop. Additionally, Sarah had hopes to leverage those new customers to scale Otaku Ramen & open multiple locations across town. Drive Social Media’s digital marketing strategy gave Sarah the opportunity to see the real time purchases that resulted from Otaku Ramen’s Facebook advertising, while handing her the key to an easy-to-scale strategy that went hand-in-hand with her lofty expansion goals.


An Easy-To-Scale Marketing Strategy

Because of Otaku’s loyal customer base & successful business model, we utilized AI audiences to serve advertisements to 150,000+ people in the Nashville area that reflected their current customer profiles within a 1% variance. Thus, Otaku Ramen was able to speak directly with new ramen lovers across the city, while testing out various markets for expansion!

We ran 5 different campaigns for Otaku Ramen & the dynamic creative campaign proved to be the most effective, resulting in 582 purchases & over $189,038.02 in revenue. This custom AI creative takes multiple ad components (such as images, videos, headlines & CTAs) and optimizes them to deliver efficient results for each impression served. By using dynamic creative, the Drive team was able to create a personalized creative variation for each person viewing the advertisement.


Slurping Up Success With A 64X Return On Investment

Drive’s goal is to have every partner pacing a 3X return on investment by 1 year. We exceeded that goal by reaching a 64x return in nearly half the time. In as little as 6 months, our social media advertising had driven a total of 1,565 new purchases while bringing in a total revenue of $67,988.13.

Not only did we reach & exceed our advertising goals, but Otaku Ramen did the same. Since the time of the partnership began, Otaku has opened up 2 more locations in the Nashville area. With this easy-to-scale & effective marketing solution in Otaku Ramen’s back pocket, the possibilities for future expansion are endless!

"Drive Social Media’s product creates complete transparency to the process of online ads, which lets face it, is hard to understand. This process ensures we can make decisions together, and that’s what my brand needs; partnership"

– Sarah Gavigan, Otaku Ramen Owner


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