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When Prestige Marble & Granite came to us with a limited monthly ad spend budget and the goal of increasing their business quarter over quarter, we didn't panic. We planned it. Over 16 months (June 2019 - October 2020) Drive Social Media exceeded the agreed-upon goal of 3x ROI by 199%. This resulted in total revenue of $345,731.95. Our success lies in the fact that we were able to use real-time data (courtesy of Drive's proprietary tracking software) to grow Prestige Marble & Granite’s leads & sales consistently.






Return On Ad Spend


Return On Investment


Middle Tennessee’s Largest Provider of Natural Stones

Prestige Marble and Granite is an unmatched force in the world of granite, quartz, and marble fabrication. They utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver stunning precision & quality in-home renovations that require a natural stone. In Middle Tennessee, they are the number one destination for customers who want their pick of stones from quarries worldwide to energize their kitchen or bathroom.

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Find a Scalable Marketing Strategy

Prestige Marble & Granite owner Aaron and marketing manager Erin had no problem with getting sales. What they did struggle with was being able to understand how those sales were coming in, track those sales, and allocate their marketing budget accordingly. They had slow periods during their year that they were hoping a revised digital marketing strategy could address.

Enter Drive Social Media.

After going through the Drive onboarding process and getting a full understanding of the Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly Process (that's Drive's secret sauce), they set a goal of a 3x return (minimum) over the course of 12 months.


Test Everything. Take Nothing for Granite.

Right off the bat, the team at Drive Social Media wanted to identify what values moved the needle when it comes to driving customers to purchase. We split test everything from the different types of products they had in store to the brand values that differentiated Prestige Marble & Granite. This strategy allowed Drive to systematically increase Prestige Marble’s Facebook ad attributed revenue WITHOUT dramatically increasing their ad spend. Our proven model can now allow us to confidently increase the ad budget to scale their results.

We utilized dynamic ads to test statuses, images, & headlines and found the best combinations of all three pieces that consistently brought in new customers. After doing a deep dive into their in-house data, Drive Social Media built Facebook audiences out of their current web, phone, & email engaged customers and then used Facebook's AI capabilities to target anyone within a 1% match of those previous customers. We were able to target previously unreached audiences and dramatically increase the natural stone manufacturers' online presence. Tapping into these prospects came in handy during those slower business months.

The creative team delivered carousel and static ads that showed the full range of options a customer could use. We coupled the choices with imagery/copy that helped the reader truly understand the transformation their home could go through after working with Middle Tennessee's largest natural stone provider.

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Grow Sales Without Losing Our Marbles!

All of these tools helped Prestige Marble & Granite strategically grow results above 3x ROI in every phase of their Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly journey! In 16 months, the Drive Social Media team brought Prestige Marble & Granite 86 purchases that led to $345,731.95 in revenue and a dazzling 8.97x return on their investment! We even managed to reduce the cost per purchase from a sky-high $170.95 to a more reasonable $60.79.As mentioned before we are now in a prime position to ramp up Prestige Marble’s ad spend & accurately predict the return on the larger investment. This shows you how efficient a company can be when they use a data-driven marketing strategy to solve larger company issues like finding customers during the slowest business months of the year.

“Love love the personal feel of Drive!!!”

— Erin, Marketing Manager


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