Diamond Edge Outdoor Management

Growing A Garden of Results


Diamond Edge is a full-service outdoor management company in Ballwin, MO. Founded by ISA Certified Arborist, owner Xavier is passionate about tree, plant, and turf health, as well as educating people on the overall well-being of their landscape. He was looking to grow this side of his business, when he saw an opportunity to do so through paid social, and a partnership with Drive.

Xavier partnered with Drive Social Media in April of 2022. From June 2022 to November 2022, Drive brought Diamond Edge 109 purchases for a total revenue of $75,643.86 and 4.49x Return on Investment (ROI). Drive’s goal for all clients is to reach a 3x ROI by the end of the year, and we were able to exceed this goal in just five months!


Total Revenue






Finding The Right TREE-tments

Xavier founded Diamond Edge to beautify the outdoors through biology. It wouldn't be enough for plants to look good, he wanted to be sure they were in good health too! As a Certified Arborist, Xavier knew there were vital nutrients and processes needed for grass, shrubs, and trees to thrive.

Diamond Edge offers services like deep root fertilizations, soil testing, and pest control to keep plants healthy and disease-free. But, many people forget that the lush green grass, shrubs, and trees on their property are all living organisms. Xavier needed to get the word out and educate people on his services.


Planting Awareness

Diamond Edge partnered with Drive in April of 2022 with the goal of growing the pest control and plant health sides of their business. They were looking to transition their business from traditional landscape services, like mowing, to focus on tree and plant health. These services would be more profitable, and less labor-intensive for them.

To achieve this goal, they needed to educate homeowners on the benefits of a healthy landscape, and on best practices to keep their plants green and healthy. Diamond Edge had never done any social media marketing, but trusted their Drive team to help them drive new customers and awareness through multi-touch attribution.


Doing The Dirty Work

Drive developed a solid strategy to drive Diamond Edge new clients. We developed AI audiences to find families with traits similar to those who had purchased from Diamond Edge before. Next, we created an interest-based audience to target those interested in things like purchasing a home, insect repellent, and fruit tree pruning. Then, we built a geographically-based audience to target areas within a 14 mile radius of where Diamond Edge clients typically reside.

Our creative campaigns then targeted these geographic, interest-based, and lookalike audiences to showcase Diamond Edge’s commitment to tree health through value-driven copy and playful concepts. Finally, we used the AI and machine learning capabilities of dynamic creative campaigns to fine-tune Diamond Edge’s messaging and creative to discover what truly spoke to their target audience. This strategy allowed Drive to successfully reach new customers and increase brand awareness.


Growing ROI

Drive’s goal for all clients is to reach a 3x ROI by the end of the year. Not only did we meet this goal, but we surpassed it by leaps and bounds! Drive attributed 109 purchases in less than half the time! Between June 2022 and November 2022, Diamond Edge saw a 4.49x Return on their Investment, and 29.81x Return on Ad Spend. We drove $75,643.86 in revenue to contribute to 27% of their total sales during that period, and prove our strategy could drive new clients interested in the health of their outdoor spaces.

“I like that I don’t have to manage the ads management company. I don’t have to run numbers and figure it all out. Drive brings that to us, and the creativity is huge. There’s endless creativity. It’s the Drive to do better, and constantly improve. It makes it fun to come see my team. I can say something, they understand it, and then improve upon it to create something I didn’t think of. As a whole it’s just better service, and better understanding.”

 - Xavier, Manager and Owner

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