Furniture Merchandise Outlet

Furnishing Scalable Marketing Results


Following the pandemic, Furniture Merchandise Outlet was looking to revolutionize their marketing and convert to a more digital strategy. Their partnership with Drive resulted in more than $3.9M in Drive-driven revenue and a ROI of 23.11X.


Total Revenue






For Families, From The Dudley Family

Furniture Merchandise Outlet believes in bringing people quality furniture at a price they’ll love. The family-owned business has three locations total– Murfreesboro, TN; Bowling Green, KY; and Tullahoma, TN. Siblings Beau and Stacey, as well as Stacey’s son, Dylan, each help customers find items from top brands like Ashley at each of their stores.

While they started advertising in 1996 with direct mailers, they realized a print approach wasn’t working as well in 2021. They wanted their new marketing strategy to be social-first to connect to a wider demographic in the midsouth.

Following the pandemic, the family saw a boom in business, but noticed that their messaging differed at each store location. They wanted their partnership with Drive to result in a more unified message that would target not only their recurring customers, but their new customers as well.

Our strategy created new brand awareness through promotions, as well as created consistent brand standards for all three locations for Furniture Merchandise Outlet’s AI, primary, and secondary audiences.


Cushioning Great Results

While Furniture and Merchandise Outlet’s business was already successful when they partnered with Drive, they were looking to create a social-based marketing strategy and drive new customers.

FMO’s website was clear, concise and allowed customers to buy products immediately. Additionally, their vast inventory and multiple locations made the family-owned business unique to other furniture retailers in the area, and thus our strategy reflected these values.


Delivering Sales (And Furniture)

Because Furniture and Merchandise Outlet had such a clear and concise website, we directed their primary, secondary and AI audiences on Meta directly to pages where they could scroll through inventory by category, brand and price.

FMO’s AI audiences were created by evaluating the Meta activity of their primary customers, as well as user interests. This way, we only showed ads on Facebook and Instagram to users who looked most similar to their loyal audiences. Additionally, we utilized apps like Facebook Marketplace to show users ads similar to products they’ve been searching for. Our marketing milk technology helped us identify key demographic facts, such as age, ad placement and type of device the ad was viewed on, allowing us to optimize ads to fit every aspect of digital advertising.

Additionally, we ran one-off ads around holidays to help bring new customers in. By running them for at least a month before each event, these ads completed the learning phase and were able to be further optimized.

Our creative approach was centered around high-quality, in-stock items. We used a mixture of showroom images and videos, as well as cutouts to showcase FMO’s inventory and pricing, as well as their personal approaches to sales as a family-owned business. Gifs flashed between their prices in comparison to competitors, highlighting potential savings.

We utilized blues, oranges, and yellows to create bright contrasts and brand standards. These colors allowed us to highlight the merchandise and create alluring and interesting cutouts and price callouts.


Driving Results

Our approach of highlighting quality and price, as well as highlighting where customers could search inventory yielded 2,479 purchases, 23.11 ROI, and more than $3.9M in revenue.

Their cost-per-lead from their second round of advertising was $1.75. In 2023, they hope to open a fourth location, utilizing the same strategy implemented by Drive to build their customer base and increase sales.

“Our small, family operated business has grown a lot in the last few decades, and we chose Drive to push us into the next few decades with thoughtful social media marketing. Drive has done a great job teaching us how social media marketing works and trying to capture our voice in advertisements. My favorite thing about Drive is something our account executive told us; Drive is not here to change what you do, but to show the world what our already successful business does best, and Drive puts THAT in front of as many eyes as possible.”

 - Dylan Dudley

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