Hair World

Marketing? “Weave” Got You Covered!


Using modern digital marketing techniques, Drive Social Media was able to help Hair World, by creating new strategies resulting in a 19.4x return on investment and over $400k in attributed revenue streams within the first year!


Estimated Revenue








Wigging Out

Hair World was suffering from the saturation of their industry. The business was blending in with competition and not innovating to keep up with current trends, leading to a slow decrease in revenue. Something had to change.

They decided to partner with Drive to stay relevant in their industry and reach a wider audience. With these goals in mind, Drive created a strategy specifically designed to target the demographics of Hair Worlds' customer base in Nashville and weave in revenue from new customers.


Getting the Most Volume From Marketing

With their quality product and appetite for change, Hair World decided to jump into the realm of social media marketing. Having never utilized it in the past, they turned to Drive Social Media to kickstart their campaign. After doing a deep dive into their audience, using AI to get in front of the right consumers, and tracking purchases through the proprietary software Marketing Milk, Drive was able to identify a successful voice and drive new and repeat customers to the store.


Hair Flipping Results

Utilizing five specialized campaigns each designed to speak to customers at different points in the sales funnel, Drive was able to attribute its efforts to 7,166 purchases resulting in $461,155.58 within the first six months of partnering with Hair World. Through Drive’s partnership with Meta, we were able to identify unique values that resonated across multiple audiences with the Dynamic Creative campaign. This campaign takes 4 Statuses, 4 Images, 4 Headlines, and 4 Calls To Action, mixes and matches them, then discovers which values lead to the most customer conversions with an AI program. Through this campaign, Drive was able to pinpoint an audience of Exotic Dancers and Drag Queens that helped lead to a 19.40x return on investment. Utilizing this newfound audience we were able to adjust our messaging to increase sales.

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