Laux Brickhouse Grille

Reaching Goals That Wet Their Whistle


Prior to partnering with Drive, Laux Brickhouse Grille was utilizing a kitchen sink of boosted marketing tactics. While patrons were coming in the door, the owner knew he wanted more for his money in order to wipe the counter with the competition. He came to Drive looking to better target repeat customers and increase average spend. We had just the concoction! Our trackable, personalized digital marketing strategy helped Laux see 6,211 of 32,698 new customers and 5,494 of 25,029 repeat customers in just one year. Rather than throwing money at untrackable marketing, the owner could now see tangible ROI… 21.26x return, to be exact.


Attributed Total Revenue


Attributed Purchases






Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

When Ross Laux reimagined his Brickhouse Grille, he knew he wanted it to be a family friendly sports bar that was a go-to for the community around him. With restaurants and bars popping up everywhere in recent years, he sought to set himself apart with an elevated yet approachable menu and an imaginative bar. His plan worked so well, people were readily waiting in line to try the new watering hole. Quick to take both affirmative and constructive feedback in stride, Ross’ goal was to keep growing and evolving. With friendly staff and daily specials, Laux Brickhouse has become the toast of the town!


Building Brick By Brick

In September of 2021, Laux Brickhouse Grille partnered with Drive to improve patron targeting in the digital landscape. At the time, their only traffic tracking system was manual facial recognition - whether they knew the face walking in the door. They came to Drive seeking a better, more scalable way to track their marketing efforts. With a multi-touch strategy and data tracking, we set an initial goal of 3x ROI.


Laying The Brickwork

To address the goals agreed upon, Drive added a retargeting pixel to the Laux Brickhouse Grille website. We then assessed their current customer data to create a primary audience to target familiar patrons and look alike and interest-based audiences to target potential patrons. We crafted repeat-focused campaigns that would enable us to market to existing patrons and continue to funnel them through The Brick’s front door, as well as new customer campaigns geared toward those potential patron audiences to draw them in for the first time. Finally, we utilized AI to mix up some Dynamic Creative campaigns, which would enable us to learn what creative concepts worked best for these audiences.


Raising The Bar (and Grille)

Drive was able to show the returns: both in patrons and ROI. The goal of 3x ROI by month twelve was exceeded sevenfold! Furthermore, the Return on Ad Spend was a whopping 74.39x! Not only was Laux able to attain the traffic increase he came to Drive seeking, his revenue from Quarter One to Quarter Three was $323,054 higher in 2022 than in the previous year! In this ever-shifiting hospitality scene, Drive was able to help The Brick capture more call-in orders with 1,928 of the total 6,377 on the year. By the end of year one, the partnership with Drive increased new customer purchases by 19% and repeat purchases by 21.95%.

“Working with the Drive Social Media team has been an unbelievable experience. As one who came in slightly skeptical, the whole experience has taken any of that totally away, and has been a tremendous addition to what we do.”

 - Ross Laux, owner of Laux Brickhouse Grille

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