MI Nutrition

Reaching Healthy Goals


MI Nutrition came to Drive looking to add more muscle to an already booming business, and our marketing strategies have helped supplement their success! They were looking to grow brick and mortar sales, both new and returning. Within the first year of partnering with Drive, not only did MI Nutrition experience a ROI of 3.69X, garnering 1,237 purchases for a total revenue of $151k, they were also able to realize the dream of starting a second branch of the business with MI Meals.


Total Revenue








Supplementing Healthy Lives Daily

MI Nutrition is a specialized nutrition store in Royal Oak, Michigan. Armed with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, owner Dalton Criswell helps customers navigate all stages of their health and fitness journey. With a focus on study-backed products and real time tracking tailored to each individual that walks in the door, they strive to offer an experience that the chains can’t provide. MI Nutrition helps every customer exceed their personal goals with no judgment and full accountability.


Going Up A Weight Class With Customers

In April of 2021, MI Nutrition partnered with Drive with the goal of Increasing new customers and frequency of repeat customers. With a robust organic approach that they could sense was not yielding sales, MI Nutrition turned to Drive to increase revenue-generating traffic into the store through data tracking and AI led multi-touch attribution.


Your Goal Is MI Goal

Drive was able to show MI Nutrition real time tracking of our own with Marketing Milk. Through this platform, we were able to let the data determine which ad strategies worked best to scale out ROI and ROAS on Facebook and Instagram.

We tracked purchases and analyzed the existing customer database to create a lookalike audience to reach individuals who had not yet shopped at MI Nutrition but had the markers to be potential customers. We then flexed our creative muscles to craft ads that spoke to the level of personalized service, the elevated quality of product that the “big box” stores couldn’t offer, and the new meal prep services. This comprehensive marketing strategy enabled Drive to reach new and returning customers and inspire them to work with MI Nutrition.


Successfully Flexing On The Competition

At the beginning of our partnership, Drive and MI Nutrition set a goal of a 3:1 ROI by 12 months for new and returning customers. With an average customer spend of $90 per ticket , our goal was 220 purchases to reach a 3x return on their investment of $39,600. We were able to crush this goal with 1,237 purchases for a total revenue of $151k.

After seeing the influx of customers with our combined efforts, the owner was confidently able to realize his goal of opening his meal prep company.

“Drive has been an absolute game changer for us. The communication is on another level along with actually being able to see REAL results. The team works around the clock when things are time sensitive and it shows! Drive is the leader in marketing. ROI or die baby”

 - Dalton Criswell, Owner MI Nutrition

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