Paletz Roofing

Taking Care Of The Family Business


Prior to teaming up with Drive, Paletz Roofing’s goal was to grow geographically into the West Palm and Miami-Dade area, capturing more commercial opportunities, but they were struggling to reach new customers. However, Joe Paletz has always been looking for innovative ways to expand, leading him to us in June 2021. Since then, Paletz Roofing’s partnership with Drive has been nothing but fruitful, generating 78 purchases with a total revenue of $866,210.84, a 16.36x Return on Investment (ROI), and a 56.33x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) within the first year.


Total Revenue








A Family Business That’s Got You Covered

Founded in 2003, after years of experience in South Florida’s roofing industry. When their shop opened, they set out with one simple goal: to deliver urgent, reliable, high-quality roofing services to everyone throughout South Florida; always exceeding clients’ expectations, earning their trust, and doing business with them for life. Today, Paletz Roofing stands as one of South Florida’s go-to roofing service providers. Working tirelessly to offer quality roofing services, every time.


Expand to West Palm & Miami-Dade

Paletz Roofing was set on growing into the West Palm and Miami-Dade area by capturing more commercial opportunities. Facing the day-to-day issues most roofing companies do, such as getting the proper materials or hiring the right staff, they never stopped pursuing their goal. But because they didn’t see a relevant increase in sales, nor had any real way of tracking their marketing efforts, Joe Paletz started looking for other alternatives besides Google Ads, and Channel 10 News. Enter Marketing Milk, once he saw that he could track how much his marketing efforts were paying off, he never looked back.


Using our Tech Tools to Target The Terrain

Drive showed Paletz Roofing true value through creative and engaging ads that caught the attention of potential new customers on Facebook and Instagram. To find the most promising new customers, we used Paletz Roofing’s existing customer base to create an AI lookalike audience and find people with similar traits and purchasing habits, then we used Meta’s internal demographic terms to create an interest-based audience (basically, we found anyone who needed their roof repaired). For repeat customers, we used Meta’s algorithm to automatically show the ads to people who’ve had their roof remodeled or repaired at least once. Finally, employing the AI and machine learning of dynamic creative campaigns, Drive fine-tuned Paletz Roofing's messaging, narrowing in on the creative that truly worked with every new campaign.


Creating Ads That Raise The Roof

After four campaign cycles, Paletz Roofing is currently on their Fly Phase and their yearly revenue has skyrocketed. Before partnering with us, they were looking at $2,506,305.00 from 10/20/2020 to 10/19/2021. Since we began running their ads, they’ve generated a total of $15,011,574.28 to which we have attributed $866,210.84, that’s 7.59% of their purchases in less than a year. Needless to say, we’ve exceeded their expectations (and ours) delivering a 16.36x ROI and a 56.33x ROAS. One might say these numbers are through the roof… no pun intended… OK, maybe a little.

“Drive has definitely helped my business grow in every sense. They take the time to analyze my data, show me the numbers, and give me detailed reports in every meeting. I’ve seen an amazing growth in revenue, and it’s been a productive partnership across the board since day one.”

 - Joe Paletz, Manager and Owner

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