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When this sports-based physical therapy business partnered with Drive, they were looking to bring their marketing to the next level and take full advantage of the digital space as they opened up new locations. Over the course of two years, they’ve seen $559,198 in revenue, 606 new patients and 5.62x ROI, allowing them to open up four more locations.


Total Revenue


New Patients






For Athletes, By Athletes

Rehab 2 Perform prides itself on providing top-notch, customized physical therapy to people looking to improve their athletic performance after injury. Founders Matt & Josh were both athletes at Ohio State, pulling on their personal experiences to create comprehensive, customized care plans from therapists with Doctorate degrees in Physical Therapy.

Prior to partnering with Drive, Rehab’s primary strategy was similar to other businesses in their industry. To obtain new leads, they primarily relied upon word of mouth. Matt and Josh were operating 4 locations and utilizing a variety of different digital strategies, including Google Ads, direct mailers and Macaroni Kid.

However, they were unsure on whether these strategies were working. Our strategy focused on creating awareness for Rehab 2 Perform’s multiple value points, including expert care from Doctors of PT, amongst their primary and lookalike audiences, as well as targeting new customers in their interest-based audience to Rehab 2 Perform through a variety of giveaway opportunities.


Getting Off The Sidelines

Through their partnership with Drive, Rehab 2 Perform was looking to see more patients come to their 4 locations. Following their first year, they were looking to possibly open more locations. Our team was dedicated to ensuring Rehab 2 Perform saw a 3x ROI and created a comprehensive strategy to help build brand awareness and draw new customers into their offices.


Performing For Life (And 3 New Locations!)

Our approach targeting two types of patients– those seeking immediate help and those who have been putting off care– showcased a variety of results. Rehab 2 Perform saw a 5.62x ROI and $559,198 in revenue over the course of two years.

While this strategy was beneficial at the original locations, it became increasingly beneficial at new locations. We used the already existing strategy at the new locations, lowering the cost per new patient during the new location openings. Over the course of two years, Drive has attributed 606 new patients to Rehab 2 Perform’s 8 locations.

The biggest success, however, was the opening of four new locations in the matter of two years. The Anapolis location was the first location to open since their partnership with Drive in July 2021. In 2022, Rehab 2 Perform opened two new locations in three months. The Columbia location opened in March 2022 and the Gambrill’s location opened in May 2022. In October 2022, Rehab 2 Perform opened their Tyson’s Corner location. Throughout this entire process, the Drive team continued to produce high quality, high impact content for Meta.

“Drive has allowed us to quickly ‘drop a pin’ where we are opening and immediately benefit from their ability to target our ideal customer. The Drive team has been very flexible in assisting us to navigate the spectrum of digital marketing for healthcare.”

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