Midwest Grow Kits

Partnering with a Real “Fungi”


Using modern digital marketing techniques, Drive Social Media was able to help an already rapidly growing Midwest Grow Kits, and inject new strategies resulting in a 6.5x return on investment and over $1 Million in attributed revenue streams within the first year!


Estimated Revenue








A Growing Success

Midwest Grow Kits began as a hobby, building DIY kits and selling them on eBay. These particular kits grew in popularity at a rapid pace! Staying on top of their rapid growth, they expanded to an online store of their own and upped their production to accommodate the incredible demand they had acquired.

They decided to partner with Drive to continue their upward mobility and reach a wider audience. With these goals in mind, Drive created a strategy specifically designed to target the demographics of Midwest Grow Kit’s customer base nationwide and spawn an influx of new customers.


Get a 1-Up on the Competition

With their quality product & growing success, Midwest Grow Kits decided to jump into the world of social media marketing. Having already utilized it in the past, but not finding much success, they turned to Drive Social Media to kickstart their campaign. Using AI audiences to get in front of the right consumers and tracking purchases through the proprietary software Marketing Milk, Drive was able to identify a successful voice and speak directly to future fungi enthusiasts.


Finding Mush-Room to Grow!

Utilizing five specialized campaigns each designed to speak to customers at different points in the sales funnel, Drive was able to attribute its efforts to 8,780 purchases resulting in $1,039,534.92 within the first year of partnering with Midwest Grow Kits. Through Drive’s partnership to Meta, we were able to identify unique values that resonated across multiple audiences with the Dynamic Creative campaign. This campaign takes 5 Statuses, 5 Images, 5 Headlines, and 5 Calls To Action, mixes and matches them, then discovers which values lead to the most customer conversions with an AI program. Through this campaign, Drive was able to pinpoint the exact values that led to the most purchases, scale it, and bring Midwest Grow Kits a 6.5x Return On Investment.

“Partnering with Drive for our Social Media advertising has been a 5-star experience from the beginning. I was hesitant to try an agency and give up control of my social media advertising at first but quickly found out how much better it can be in the right hands. Drive really took the time to truly get to know our business and customers and the results have been astounding from the very beginning! They truly underpromise and over-deliver! I look forward to a long-term partnership!”

 - Jeff

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