Zipping Up the Industry


Doorworks Golf Cart Enclosures saw significant growth prior to teaming up with Drive due to the increase in golf cart popularity during the pandemic. They hoped to build off of this momentum by continuing to attract new customers and establish themselves as leaders in the golf cart enclosure industry. Within the first 10 months of teaming up with Drive, DoorWorks was able to attract 704 new purchases for a total revenue of $748,138.11 during those months, a 20.36x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and 16.64% of their purchases attributed to Drive Social Media.


Total Revenue


New Purchases




Drive Attributed Purchases


The Best Golf Cart Covers on the Market

DoorWorks Enclosures is the industry leader in golf cart covers, enclosures and accessories for over 20 years. Dedicated to providing the highest-quality products, they support all major golf cart brands such as EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha.

They have a Patented Install Method that makes installation quick and easy, with no drilling or windshield removal required.

The enclosures are made with high quality powder-coated aluminum with choice of Marine Grade Vinyl or Sunbrella no-rip awning grade canvas. Both fabrics are designed to stand up to the elements by resisting stains, mildew and are easy to clean. In addition to the high-quality materials and craftsmanship, every portable cover includes a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Their enclosure options include 4-Sided Portable "Over-the-Top", 3-Sided Fitted "Over-the-Top", Track-Style or their patented Hinged Door solution.


Protecting the Unprotected

In 2021, with golf cart purchases booming and more people cruising through their neighborhoods, there became an increased need to protect those golf carts. In steps the partnership between Drive Social Media and Doorworks Golf Cart Enclosures.

Our client wanted to capitalize on the demand for golf cart enclosures and essentially position themselves as leaders in the industry. Additionally, Doorworks was already ahead of the competition with the given supply chain issues and their stocked warehouse.

Without having done much advertising prior to teaming up with Drive, Doorworks was ready to take advantage of this opportunity to grow their business.


Covering New Customers

Drive was able to create custom audiences to target on Facebook and Instagram using our Marketing Milk software. We used Facebook’s API access and created a lookalike audience based on Doorworks’s current customers as well as an interest-based audience of “golf carts” to target potential new customers.

Targeting the campaigns to these interest-based and lookalike audiences, we were able to highlight the quality of the enclosures, over 2,000+ customer reviews, and fast-shipping. This strategy allowed Drive to obtain new purchases and increase brand awareness for our client.

“Drive Social Media has continued to meet and exceed our monthly goals. The team is organized and focused on continuous improvement. We are very happy to have them as our marketing partner.”

 - Jeff Raymon, General Manager

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