Orangetheory Fitness

We wanted to catalyze membership sign-ups for Orangetheory Fitness: Royal Oak Studio by gathering lead information of potential customers that are in or near-market for their product.


We partnered with Orangetheory Fitness: Royal Oak, Michigan, to help launch the studio’s presales. Having had experience with close to 150 of Orangetheory’s studios across the country, we knew that a lead generation ad objective was the perfect strategy.

We used the lead generation ad objective and developed a campaign that ran from March 8 - May 4, 2018.


New Leads for Orangetheory Fitness


New Members for Orangetheory Fitness


New Leads for Project 615


Return on Ad Spend

Finding fitness studio members

When Orangetheory Fitness went to open a new fitness studio in Royal Oak, Michigan, they brought in us to help launch the studio's presales. We already worked with close to 150 of their studios across the country. For the Royal Oak Studio, we used the lead generation ad objective and developed a campaign that ran from March 8 - May 4, 2018.

Creative Approach

The studio's goal was simple: Get people to sign up to learn more about the new studio and then entice them to sign up at "founding member" rates, the lowest rates ever offered by Orangetheory.

The ads ran across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, offering the founding member incentive or encouraging people to sign up to win 10 free classes. The lead ads conveyed exclusivity and urgency by emphasizing limited availability. For example, one lead ad showed an image of women at the gym with copy encouraging people to "take advantage of the lowest rates" and "Sign Up." Once people clicked through to a lead form, they could sign up to win the classes. After people submitted their information, a salesperson followed up with potential new members over the phone.

Reaching the right audience

Drive Social Media showed the ad to a combination of audiences, making sure to always exclude people who had already signed up for the program. The agency targeted the ads to Custom Audiences of people who had visited the Orangetheory website, called the studio or somehow engaged with the business, as well as interest-based audiences and people living in the same zip code as the new studio. Drive also reached a lookalike audience made up of people who are similar to Orangetheory's current members.

orangetheory fitness


Leading the way

In these 2 lead generation campaigns, Drive Social Media used incentives and appropriate audience targeting to find highly-qualified leads and make sales for 2 clients with vastly different products.

Results from the Orangetheory Fitness and Project 615 campaigns include:

  • 404 new leads for Orangetheory Fitness: Royal Oak Studio
  • 40 new members generated for Orangetheory Fitness: Royal Oak Studio (approximately)
  • 1,369 new leads for Project 615
  • 13.6X return on ad spend for Project 615

“Never underestimate the power of Facebook's Lookalike Audiences. Of all out ad sets, the Lookalike Audiences drove the most leads at the lowest cost!”

 - Stephanie Jenkins, VP of Operations at Drive Social Media

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