Turning the Clip Around


Govero Salon was struggling prior to teaming up with Drive due to Covid-19 and staffing issues, but saw significant growth after teaming up with us. They hoped to see an increase in brick and mortar purchases while building brand awareness within the St. Louis area. Within the first year of teaming up with Drive, Govero Salon was able to generate 2,247 purchases for a total revenue of $227,176.08 during those months, and a 6.5x ROI.


Total Revenue






Total Purchases


A Personalized Salon Experience

Govero Salon is an upscale hair salon located in Des Peres, MO. Owner, Robert Govero and his team of talented stylists share his vision for innovation and excellence with an emphasis on warm and personalized guest services. They specialize in trending and classic hairstyles and take pride in making sure all their clients leave feeling uplifted and transformed, both inside and out.


Building the Brand / Ecommerce

Govero Salon partnered with Drive Social Media in June 2021 with the goal of reaching a new audience of clients within the St. Louis market and building brand awareness. With very little social media or marketing experience, Govero Salon & Spa relied on Drive to help them grow through multi-touch attribution and driving customers to book salon services.


Giving Govero A Makeover

Utilizing the Marketing Milk software, Drive was able to create custom audiences to target on Facebook and Instagram. Our strategy analyzed the data of current customers for Govero Salon to create a custom lookalike audience as well as an interest-based audience of “hair care, beauty salons, coloring, and more ” to target potential new customers.

Focusing our creative campaigns targeted at these interest-based and lookalike audiences, we were able to highlight the quality of hair services, the value of their personalized customer experience, and the additional services offered like
bridal glam and loyalty programs. This strategy allowed Drive to reach new customers and increase brand awareness for Govero Salon.


Driving Success Inside and Out

Our goal after nine months of working with Govero Salon, established at the beginning of our partnership, was a 3:1 ROI on new members. The new member goal for the year was 627 new customers in order to reach a 3x return on investment of $61,800.00

Within the first 3 months, we smashed these goals by acquiring 258 new clients and generating a revenue of $15,814.73 for a 6.03x ROI to prove that our strategy set in place was successful in scaling a return on investment from social media.

"My experience with Drive has been nothing but top notch. Down to each team member of the pod that is extremely knowledgeable in the discipline that they contribute to the team with their area of expertise, to communication and results! They were extremely thorough in explaining the process and results, as well as, demonstrating and delivering ROI! Everyone has been very personable, super creative and all driven for results. It has been an absolute delight working with the team and I look forward to continuing to use them in the future. Did I mention they are great fun too! They go out of their way to partner with us and make sure we are happy ? ????"

 - Govero

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