It’s A Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Victory


Prior to teaming up with Drive, dbakers found it hard to reach new customers. Founded by Christian and Giancarlo, twin brothers from Venezuela, dbakers partnered with Drive in May 2021, hoping to take their bakery to the next level by tracking their ad efforts, thus increasing their sales.
From August 2021 to May 2022, Drive brought dbakers 1,349 purchases for a total revenue of $102,379.86, a 4.13x Return on Investment (ROI), and a 15.75x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Within the first year of partnering with Drive, dbakers has seen its monthly revenue double!


Total Revenue






Total Purchases


Twin Brothers Quit Their Jobs To Make Miami Sweeter

Founded by Christian and Giancarlo in 2018, dbakers was a hobby-turned-business. Wanted to “create incredible things and eat them too” since they were children, they started selling unique baked goods at a local farmer's market during their spare time.
Welcomed by local sweet-lovers, the twins soon moved their booming bakery out of the farmer’s market and into a brick-and-mortar location in Midtown Miami. The colorful sweet studio offers a wide selection of lip-smacking treats, including cakes, cupcakes, macarons, and cookies. What truly distinguishes them is their awareness of Miami's party culture; the twins are always reinventing their cakes, bringing fresh creative designs and flavors to the table for every opportunity to celebrate.


Bake More, Sell More, Scale Up

The dbakers brothers had a hard time in 2020; the store’s foot traffic significantly decreased due to the pandemic, and their products weren’t exactly selling like hot cakes as people had stopped all their partying. Fortunately, dbakers had just launched their online store, which kept the business alive.
One day in 2021, a customer walked into dbakers, and told Christian that she had never noticed them before, even though she had been living nearby for years. That is when Christian realized they needed to be more proactive in acquiring new customers.
Dbakers tried partnering up with other social media agencies. However, with no curated audience base or any metrics to measure results, all those efforts were to no avail; dbakers had to look for an alternative approach.
So, dbakers turned to Drive in May 2021, hoping to build brand awareness both in the local community and online, bring back foot traffic, and increase sales. Drive's solution was a targeted, trackable digital marketing approach geared to amplify dbakers' strengths: highly customizable and instagrammable treats, as well as frequent releases of exciting seasonal/specialty designs with themes catered to the Miami market.


With Data, We Know Your Taste In Cakes And Ads

Drive put the irresistible sweet treats of dbakers in front of existing customers and potential new customers on Facebook and Instagram.
To find the most promising new customers, we used dbakers’ existing customer base to create an AI lookalike audience to find people with similar traits and purchasing habits, and used Meta’s internal demographic terms to create an interest-based audience (basically, we found those who like cakes).
For repeat customers, we utilized the power of Meta’s algorithm to automatically show the products to people who enjoy those specific sweets, which keep them coming back again and again.
Finally, employing the AI and machine learning of dynamic creative campaigns, Drive fine-tuned dbakers' messaging, narrowing in on the creative that truly worked with every new campaign.


Totally Topped It!

After three campaign cycles, thanks to a combined marketing effort on social and email, dbakers’ monthly revenue skyrocketed from an average of $40,000 when the partnership started to an average of over $100,000 currently.
At the end of their first year on board (February 1 - April 30, 2022), we have exceeded both the clients' and our own expectations, delivering a 7.55x ROI and a 23.77x ROAS.
With more employees and more dangerously delectable pastries added to its inventory, the modest corner business is on its way to becoming a franchise - now, they’re looking into opening up new locations in California and other major Florida cities. Sweet victory!

“Drive is the real deal. Since we've started working with them they have shown us what real results look like. We have had amazing results and we couldn't be happier. They are professional, knowledgeable, hardworking, and obviously have great communication skills. 100% recommended.”

 - Christian Guevara, Manager and Owner

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