Rob's Family BBQ

Firin’ Up BBQ Purchases


As an established family-owned restaurant, Rob’s Family BBQ had to start from scratch after their business name and location was forced to change. With no room for mis-steaks, Rob’s started a partnership with Drive Social Media, hoping to increase brand awareness and to lure back their loyal customers. From February to May 2022, Drive was able to bring in 1,009 purchases with a total revenue of $43,693.85 for Rob’s Family BBQ. For every dollar invested on Facebook advertising, Rob’s received $27.51 (or a 27.51x ROAS) in return! With a 5.12x overall return on their marketing investment, Rob and his family had a taste of how digital advertising and Drive Social Media’s strategic expertise helps businesses to grow.


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Where There’s A Grill, There’s A Way

Rob’s Family BBQ is a family-owned restaurant that has been serving up South Florida’s favorite BBQ classics for over 35 years and treating every customer as if they were part of the family. Voted as the “Best Barbecue” in South Florida by Our City’s Best, Rob’s takes pride in making all their BBQ from scratch (even the sauce), and using only the highest-quality meats. When Rob and his wife Mary had to change their restaurant location and name, they were uncertain as to how they were going to educate their loyal clients about the new name and location as well as attract new clients.


A Partnership That Sizzles

Rob’s Family BBQ partnered with Drive Social Media at the end of 2020. They came to Drive with the desire of promoting their newest location, using social media and digital marketing to reach their loyal audience. Due to their originality, rich flavors, and ability to embrace change, Drive focused on creating a smokey-good social media marketing strategy to promote their new location.


Slow-Cooked. Fast Results.

We immediately began to create a strategy based on what makes Rob’s the best – made-from-scratch, top-quality BBQ meats that take your taste buds on a smokey adventure. As purchases increased, we designed a strategy to track those customers through the entire journey. We integrated our proprietary software, Marketing Milk, with Rob’s customer database, analyzed their customer base, and created custom audiences of existing patrons and potential new customers using AI and machine learning. Then, we designed a flippin’ good set of campaigns that incorporated the visuals and voice of Rob’s Family BBQ into the ads shown to our curated audiences, thus converting impressions into purchases. This resulted in a quick jumpstart to their ROI, an amazing return on their ad spend (ROAS), and a sizzling partnership.


Here’s To A Job Well-Done!

From February 2022 to May 2022, Drive Social Media has been able to MEAT and surpass its goal of 3x ROI with Rob’s Family BBQ, beating all expectations. Our strategy attributed 1,009 total purchases, which led to a 5.12x return on investment and $43,693.85 in direct revenue for the restaurant. Last but not least, for every dollar spent on Facebook, Rob’s Family BBQ saw a 2,751% return on their ad spend (ROAS), but we’re not done, the grill is only heating up.

"We've seen a lot of new customers, both locals and out-of-towners, come to Rob's Family BBQ thanks to Drive Social Media's strategy."

- Mary Scruby


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