Wolf Hollow Golf Club

Growing the Wolf Pack


Wolf Hollow saw significant growth prior to teaming up with Drive due to golf’s increase in popularity during the pandemic. They hoped to build off of this momentum and continue to attract new golfers to this hidden gem while building brand awareness within the St. Louis golf community. Within the first 9 months of teaming up with Drive, Wolf Hollow was able to attract 251 new customers for a total revenue of $57,166.65 during those months, a 2.19x Return on Investment (ROI), and a 14.12x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


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A True Missouri Golf Experience

Located at the Gateway to Missouri Wine Country, Wolf Hollow Golf Club is truly a golf oasis for beginning golfers and scratch handicaps. Designed by Mother Nature in the rolling hills of Franklin County, the course’s natural landscape was created with more than 175 feet of elevation change across 175 acres. Claimed by many as the “hidden gem of St. Louis”, Wolf Hollow provides beautiful views and exciting golf just minutes from St. Louis.


Building the Brand

Prior to partnering with Drive Social Media, Wolf Hollow’s marketing efforts were inconsistent and they had no way of tracking their success. Wolf Hollow partnered with Drive in February 2021 with the goal of building brand awareness amongst the St. Louis golf community, reaching a new audience closer to the city, and have a way to track their marketing efforts. Through multi-touch attribution, Drive was able to help increase booked tee times and uncover this hidden gem to the area.


Strategic Targeting

Drive was able to create custom audiences to target on Facebook and Instagram using our Marketing Milk software. We used Facebook’s API access and created a lookalike audience based on Wolf Hollow's current customers as well as an interest-based audience of “golf” to target potential new customers.

Targeting the campaigns to these interest-based and lookalike audiences, we were able to highlight the quality of the course, the affordable price of their tee times, and the additional services offered like lessons and memberships. This strategy allowed Drive to reach new customers and increase brand awareness for Wolf Hollow.


Teeing Up ROI

Our goal after 9 months of working with Wolf Hollow, established at the beginning of our partnership, was 314 purchases and 2x ROI.

Within these first 9 months, we smashed these goals by acquiring 943 total purchases and generating a total revenue of $57, 166.65 for a 2.19x ROI and 14.12x ROAS, proving the strategy set in place was successful in scaling new members and total purchases from Facebook and Instagram advertising.

“Social media marketing is complex and always changing. Luckily, Drive Social Media was there to help us navigate with the best practices backed by data-driven results. With Drive at our side, we were able to build our brand awareness within the St. Louis golf community, reach a new customer base, and have actual numbers to prove that it has had a direct impact on increasing booked tee times! By taking over our social media marketing efforts, Drive has allowed us to focus on what’s really important … Our Golfers!”

 - Douglas R. Warden, PGA - General Manager

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