EarthWise Pet Carlsbad

A Paw-sitive Outcome For Continued Growth


Lending A Paw For A Strong ROI
Earthwise Pet-Carlsbad came to Drive in June of 2021 wanting to bring in new customers and ensure continued growth through more purchases. The owner’s goal was to hit $1 million in annual sales by her 5-year anniversary, which was approaching in April of 2022. She was falling short by about 11% when she signed with Drive. She desperately wanted a marketing strategy that showed her real results and tangible data. Drive provided that for her. Through focused social media campaigns, Drive far exceeded the target goal of a 3x return on investment (ROI) within a year by achieving a 5.64x ROI in just three months. These results brought in $40,120 in attributed revenue, 82% of the total revenue during those three months. Plus, our campaigns got customers to purchase for an extremely low cost of $2.17.






Attributed Revenue


Total Purchases


For The Love of Dogs (& Cats!)

Earthwise Pet-Carlsbad is a locally owned franchise that specializes in natural & healthy dog food, treats, products & grooming services. The staff’s expertise sets it apart from other pet stores. Every employee has earned or is working toward a Pet Nutrition Specialist certification, and some have completed the Certified Pet Dietician program.

Earthwise Pet-Carlsbad hired Drive to grow its customer base and increase purchases. We focused campaigns on both new and repeat customers, since the latter is the basis for the store’s revenue. Drive blasted past its goal of one new purchase in the first three months by attributing 644 purchases with the first round of ads, attaining a 34.83x return on ad spend (ROAS).


The Ulti-Mutt Challenge: Show Me the Data!

With past marketing strategies not able to show tangible data or value, Earthwise Pet-Carlsbad had high expectations for Drive’s strategy to track a 3x ROI within the first year. The owner wanted actual data on who was coming in to make a purchase at the store, and she wanted proof that her investment in a targeted marketing strategy was working. With Drive’s proprietary software Marketing Milk, we were able to show her all of this and get her a 34.83 ROAS.

Reaching & surpassing the targeted 3x ROI goal 9 months early with a 5.64x ROI in only three months proved our efforts were successful.


We’re Barking Up the Right Tree

Through the Marketing Milk software, Earthwise Pet-Carlsbad was able to track its attribution and growth with Drive’s efforts. It far surpassed the goal of one new purchase within the first three months, with Drive attributing 644 purchases in that time period. This attribution was thanks to a successful paid social strategy targeting new and repeat customers, including a data acquisition campaign, using images from a photoshoot with Drive. It resulted in a 5.64x ROI and $40,120 in attributed revenue.

“Drive Social Media has helped us grow our customer base and has provided us with actual data to prove its impact on our store growth! It is one thing to say that your marketing efforts have helped grow revenue; it is another thing to have actual proof of those efforts. We are only midway through our first year with Drive, and we are looking forward to seeing what the next 6 months of growth will bring for our store.”

 - Teresa Woods, owner

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