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Restoring Confidence In Patients With A New Social Strategy


In May of 2019, Skinworks came to Drive Social Media in the hopes of boosting their social media presence and acquiring more customers. Drive Social Media aims to provide every client with a 3x return on investment (ROI) at the one year mark. In just 6 months, our innovative social media strategy allowed us to surpass that goal for Skinworks by bringing in 520 purchases -- a 3.69X ROI. This means that we exceeded our original goal by half a year!










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Helping More Clients By Getting More Conversions

Skinworks is an award-winning wellness and aestheticare clinic whose mission is to provide quality cosmetic care in a comfortable, friendly environment. They structure personalized wellness plans to promote long-term health and wellness for their patients. With their main goal being to help as many people as possible, they knew they needed to reach as many people as possible: Enter Drive Social Media.


Award-Winning MedSpa And A Custom Social Strategy

“We’re just as good, if not better [than competitors]” Skinworks told Drive during our first meeting. While they were experts compared to the “competition,” Skinworks was falling behind with their social media strategy.

Skinworks came to us after noticing the way that people engage with social media was changing. They were falling behind in their marketing strategy and needed to grow their social reach to be able to increase patient traffic. They were ready to take the next step to keep up with the social-savvy times, and we were beyond excited to help them develop their social strategy and convert social engagers into Skinworks customers! With custom audiences, a scalable strategy, and a goal of a 3X return on investment within one year, we got down to business.


Driving Clients To Skinworks

Skinworks was ready to see real results and we were prepared to deliver! For this strategy, we were all about the numbers. We wanted to show them how many times their ads were being seen, the number of people conducting research by heading to their website after seeing an ad, the number of purchases and their costs per purchase, and, of course, their total revenue.

In order to reach our 3X ROI goal by the end of the year, we started with five campaigns that split tested various value points. In our first round of advertising for Skinworks, we focused a lot on split testing treatments like Botox up against Dysport and facials versus injections, for example. By examining the results of which advertisements performed best (which ads converted more customers), we were able to get a better understanding of what type of messaging and creative resonated most with consumers to convert viewers into purchasers. This helped us to adjust our social strategy accordingly in order to drive the most purchases possible for Skinworks.

Prior to partnering with Drive, Skinworks was driving an average of 146 purchases every month. Now Skinworks averages 352 purchases each month--over two times more purchases!

We even recently revamped their entire website to look cleaner and be more user-friendly because an aestheticare clinic should look… Well, aesthetic! The goal with this site is to launch an eCommerce page to drive purchases for their original skincare product line.


Success Isn’t Only Skin Deep 

Drive partnered with Skinworks and promised a 3X return on investment in one year. In just six months Drive was exceeding that promise by hitting a 3.69X ROI and driving 520 purchases.

After building trust and a compassionate friendship with Skinworks, they now come to Drive with their goals and plans for future product launches and potential new procedures. They appreciate our opinions on best practices to spread brand awareness and keep new clients coming through their doors. We love our roundtable discussions that lead to brilliant ideas and future advertising success stories!

"From our first meeting, Drive Social Media has demonstrated a desire to truly understand our business and our goals. Every day, I'm keenly aware that their entire team is working together to maximize the results from our partnership. One of the great aspects of working with Drive is that they offer us a complete turn-key, data-driven solution that incorporates our specific desires from a branding and marketing perspective. They are a huge part of our business success and I know for a fact that we would not be where we are without our partnership with Drive Social Media."

 - Russ Wright, SkinWorks Wellness and Aesthetics

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