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Brightening Smiles in Webster Groves

Webster Family Dental is a state-of-the-art community dental practice that provides premium care for individuals and families in Webster Groves and the surrounding areas. Its innovative technology and advanced whitening services distinguish it from other practices without similar capabilities.

Webster Family Dental hired us when they first opened in 2019 to grow its patient base and establish a profitable production rate. Securing a strong ROI for any new business requires competent strategies and time. We were on our way to a 3x ROI when the pandemic hit and the practice had to significantly minimize operations for two months. Revamping our pre-pandemic strategy, Drive attained a nearly 4x ROI from June 2020 to July 2021 by targeting a local, upper- to middle-class audience and focusing on web traffic and social media engagement, which led to a significant number of new patients and boosted production.


Brush Up On Marketing Strategy to Grow Practice

Webster Family Dental wanted to grow new patient numbers and came to Drive with a concise goal of increasing engagement on its Facebook page and increasing website traffic, one of the most common ways people are prompted to call and schedule appointments. The practice also wanted to increase patient spend per visit by upselling whitening and straightening services. The ultimate goal was a 15% year over year growth. Its partnership with Drive included digital strategies to achieve all of this while also getting at least a 3x ROI within the first year.


Drilling In Successful Strategies

Because of Drive’s proprietary software Marketing Milk, Webster Family Dental was able to see the actual data and metrics that increased new patients by 330%, 26% of which was attributed to our strategies for increasing web traffic, Facebook engagement and phone calls. We attributed $145k+ in new patient revenue and got them to a year over year growth of 50%, 35% higher than their ideal goal. The practice received a 3.76x ROI and saw a nearly 14x return on its ad spend.

To attract new customers during the pandemic, Drive introduced a $59 new patient special through Facebook and website ads and instructed audiences to schedule emergency appointments. We undertook a complete rebranding strategy for the website and ads to make the practice stand out from competitors and be recognizable to Webster residents. The rebranding was a measurable factor in the overall 330% increase in new patient growth.


Gleaming Results for New Patient Growth

Webster Family Dental came to Drive in 2019 as a new practice needing to grow its patient base and establish sustainable production. When COVID hit just one year later, its partnership with Drive became even more critical. During this challenging time for all small businesses, especially those in health care, we remained focused on bringing in additional new patients by revamping their strategy and branding. Between June 2020 and July 2021, Drive grew the patient base by 330% (a 300% increase occurred after closure/limited operations for two months due to the pandemic) and delivered a 3.76x return on investment and a nearly 14x return on ad spend. This growth produced $145k+ in new patient revenue, which allowed the practice to purchase unique, high-tech equipment to better serve patients. Everyone is smiling bigger now.

"Our partnership with Drive Social Media has far exceeded our expectations! We consistently have seen an increase in new patient traffic, some months up to 60% more than years before, which means we have been able to serve our community and brighten more smiles. And that is always our goal! Drive makes navigating the ever-changing world of online advertising simple and painless. Thanks to Drive, we know our future is bright!"

 - Dr. Liz Closurdo

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