Southern Spa Outlet

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During a time of stress and uncertainty across the planet, a Hardcover Hot Tub dealer was looking for a way to relax. Drive Social Media helped increase their sales and expand their territory. Using strategic geotargeting, Drive was able to 8x their Return On Investment (ROI) in the first 90 days.


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Southern Spa Outlet is the premier dealer of Eco-Spa’s throughout the southwest. They have built a reputation through their customer service, quality product, and lifetime warranty.

They decided to partner with Drive to expand their business and target the areas of expansion using a more modern marketing approach. With these goals in mind, Drive created a strategy specifically designed to target the demographics of their customer base in new areas and soak up more opportunities for their expansion.


With their quality product and previous success in a smaller market, Southern Spa Outlet wanted to splash into new territories and get in front of a larger audience. Their previous marketing strategies were outdated, so they were looking to heat up an advertising campaign using contemporary methods. Drive Social Media’s marketing strategy allowed Southern Spa to easily track where their leads were coming from using Marketing Milk, Drives proprietary online software. Drive adjusted targeting to these areas as well as distributed ads to a significantly larger customer base.


With 5 different campaigns, each focusing on specific values that Southern Spa Outlet offers, Drive was able to reach 97,240 individual people. Using a series of split testing as well as AI-generated and custom-built interest-based audiences, Drive discovered that our Data Acquisition campaign generated the most leads. This form of advertising targets potential customers who have interacted with a client in the past but had never made an actual purchase. “Tire kickers” or, in this instance “Tub Kickers” if you will. It then offers them a product or service of value to convert them into paying customers. Drives proprietary, data-driven software, Marketing Milk, was able to track the campaign and saw that it had accounted for 1,200 of the total 2,320 leads generated! Using this method Drive was able to turn up the jets with a personalized creative strategy that resonated with Southern Spa Outlets’ audience and resulted in an estimated $132,445.06 in revenue.


Drive Social Media’s goal is to get every partner pacing a 3x ROI by the end of the first year. Southern Spa Outlet was pacing 8.10x ROI within the first 90 days. Talk about relaxing! In just 3 months Drive not only met our year-end goal but blew past it, accumulating a total of 2,320 leads. With the promising results of the partnership with Southern Spa Outlet, Drive will strive to continue exceeding our goals.

“Advertising on social media is difficult on your own. Drive has provided support and more leads than we’ve ever gotten before!”

 - Rob Robyn, Owner Southern Spa Outlet

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