McGurks's Hashtag Promotion Case Study

Increase awareness and promote restaurant and pub through the use of #mcgurks.


Increase Hashtag Awareness & Elicit A Response

In today’s world, there are those who photograph and hashtag every aspect of their lives, a trend on which we looked to capitalize. Patrons of McGurk’s were already quite likely to photograph themselves…but many were neglecting to use #mcgurks, or were using the wrong hashtag altogether. How were potential customers supposed to see these user-generated gems? This veritable word-of-mouth marketing could be being wasted.


Facebook Ads & Drink Coasters Bearing the #MCGURKS

The best way to get people to use a hashtag on social media is to tell them…through social media, of course!

In our experience, incentivizing users with a reward garners much better results, so Drive created a monthly Facebook ad informing targeted audiences that John D. McGurk’s would be rewarding one lucky winner per month with a $50 gift card for using #McGurks on social media.

Eye-catching coaster design was the next logical piece of the puzzle. Not only do in-house displays keep an idea top of mind during mealtime, they also tie clever hashtag strategies together with a nice little bow.


We implemented the coasters and the Facebook advertisements beginning in October 2014. Since Instagram has been around for a few years, we pulled data from 2013-2015 to compare. The usage #mcgurks increased 150% from 2014 to the end of 2015!