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Powering An Active Lifestyle

Paleo Works is a Middle Tennessee food prep and delivery company, offering scratch-made meals focused on Paleo-inspired menus with the highest quality proteins, healthy fats, and low carbs. Exploring dietary plans can be overwhelming, but the team at Paleo Works makes nutrition easy, accessible, and affordable. In addition to their core inspiration of Paleo, they also offer meals for people who ascribe to Whole30, Keto, vegetarian, and macro-friendly diets. Balancing nutritional expertise with neighborhood friendliness, Paleo Works inspires people to jumpstart their active lifestyle — without ever compromising on taste.


Cooking Up Great Results

Paleo Works was formed by a team deeply connected to the Crossfit community, who also had marketing backgrounds of their own. For their first few years in business, their team was able to spearhead their advertising efforts — but as they continued to grow, they began to seek ways to expand without losing that core group. Their top challenge when starting their partnership with Drive was capturing new demographics like Whole30 enthusiasts, vegetarians, and vegans. On a broader scale, they were interested in widening their Nashville footprint, thereby seeing a major increase in revenue.


Prepping For Success

Leveraging Paleo Works’ dedicated existing customer base (heavily comprised of members of the Crossfit community), Drive was able to harness AI audiences to reach people who matched past customer buying habits. Through image carousels, product-focused ads featuring completed meals, and dynamic combinations, Drive put the right content in front of the most relevant audiences, giving the ads the best possible chance to convert customers. Custom, dynamic AI ads, in particular, were able to harness multiple ad combinations and optimize them to uniquely deliver the best ad creative for each impression served.

After developing these audiences, Drive utilized Facebook Pixel technology for strategic retargeting. Paleo Works’ key value points were included and emphasized in the copy of every ad.


Delivering Incredible ROI

Drive met and well exceeded the goal of 3x ROI, surpassing that mark within the first six months of the Paleo Works partnership and ultimately achieving an incredible 52x ROI. With Drive’s conversion-based strategy, the Paleo Works team was able to track purchases in real time, watching as 1,939 orders brought $992,996 into their cash register. By strategically increased ad spend throughout this time, Paleo Works was able to scale the return even faster than originally projected.

“For our company, Drive has been the single most effective advertising program we’ve tried in our 11 years. They’ve had consistently great ideas for each quarterly campaign, tips for getting more results from our websites and customer programs, amazing photography and video and, bottom line, we’ve achieved sales increases well beyond our expectations. They’re a keeper!”

— Brian Perry, PaleoWorks


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