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Laying A Foundation In Middle Tennessee

Blacks Buildings is Tennessee’s premier portable storage building manufacturer. As a new, agile business, Blacks Buildings has been able to streamline the process of custom builds, delivering high-quality products at a lower price point than competitors. With tiny homes, storage sheds, utility sheds, and garages under their manufacturing umbrella, their business model allows them to stray away from cookie-cutter models found at large chains like Home Depot or Lowes — with the added value of delivery upon request.


Expanding The Blueprint

The team at Blacks Buildings has ambitious goals for exponential growth. Upon partnering with Drive in September of 2020, the company had already been seeing a year-over-year growth of 100%, and founder Matthew Black was ready to capitalize on the positive momentum. Despite the clear upward trajectory, Blacks Buildings was having a hard time establishing itself as a leader within the middle Tennessee landscape, and the additional challenge of price volatility through the Covid-19 pandemic was making following up on leads less of a priority. Beyond the benefit of enormous lead generation, partnering with Drive gave Blacks Buildings a chance to re-align, restructure priorities, and improve internal processes.


Custom Results For Custom Buildings

Starting with AI-generated audiences, Drive was able to reach people who matched past customer buying habits, capturing attention with product carousels, eye-catching gifs, and value-driven videos. Results quickly revealed tiny homes as a huge pull for potential customers, and Drive strategy shifted to prioritize this in campaigns with highlights like an accessible online 3-D builder tool. Additionally, through dynamic combinations, Drive put the right content in front of the most relevant audiences, giving the ads the best possible chance to convert to promising leads.

Additionally, Drive created email campaigns to keep customers moving along a sales funnel. With introductory campaigns and follow-up messaging, these email campaigns improved one of the areas in which Blacks Buildings had been struggling prior to establishing the partnership. Through steady budget increases throughout campaigns, leads and web visits have both maintained stable upward momentum.


Blue Skies Ahead Over These Storage Sheds

For this leads client, Drive met and quickly exceeded established goals, bringing in 8,840 leads in the first eight months of partnership. Notably, the leads were so successful that the Blacks Building team has expanded — founder Matt Black has hired additional sales staff to support the volume of leads coming from Drive ads. 1.7 million people have seen the ads created for Blacks Buildings, and with a close rate on the Blacks Buildings team of 28%, cost per lead sits at a mere $1.50 — as opposed to the estimated $158 per lead. To date, the number of customers brought to Blacks Buildings by Drive is estimated to be over 2,500.

“We have been getting an insane amount of leads!”

— Blacks Buildings

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