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Nashville’s Ulti-mutt Dog Care Facility

Bark Public House is Nashville’s premier dog care facility for boarding, daycare, grooming & retail. With an inviting outdoor patio suited for BYOB social hours, Bark Public proudly offers a social experience not just for dogs, but their owners as well.

Bark Public’s Owner, Breck Phillips, partnered with Drive with one goal in mind: driving purchases. Having met with various advertising firms that boasted about vanity metrics, such as likes, views & shares, Breck was eager to see the tangible results. Luckily, he came to the right place!


Sales You Can See

“I’m a very analytical person,” Breck told us at our first meeting with Bark Public House. “I want to see the sales.”

This desire to see an increase in sales went hand-in-hand with our company-wide goal of pacing a 3x ROI in the first year. In order to reach this goal, we needed to bring Bark Public House 33 new customers every quarter, at a total cost of $45.45 /purchase. But we didn’t stop there. We proposed a custom, two-step strategy that centered around driving sales, while simultaneously increasing the amount of repeat revenue coming through the door.


A Custom, Two-step Strategy

With a two-step, clear-cut goal in mind, we got to work.

Step 1: Generating Sales

First things first, we needed to find a way to speak directly to current dog owners in the Nashville area that had not yet heard of Bark Public House. In order to do so, we utilized Bark Public’s current customer database, in collaboration with our very own proprietary software system – Marketing Milk. By uploading said customer data, we were able to find an audience of Facebook users that mimicked Bark Public House’s existing customer demographic within a 1% variance. We targeted this audience with advertisements that boasted on the various value points & services offered at Bark Public House. From here, the new customers came flooding in.

Step 2: Cross-Selling Services

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to know that the most efficient way to increase revenue is by cross-selling to current customers. In order to reach our goal, we simply leaned into this ideology!

We utilized 5 different Facebook campaigns to cross-sell Bark Public’s services to existing customers. For example, an advertisement that featured top-of-the-line retail products drove a total of 200 purchases ($52,201 revenue). Simultaneously, an advertisement that focused on the “Social Patio” drove 249 purchases ($68,986 revenue). While the advertisements highlighted different value points, they effectively cross-sold Bark Public’s services to convert a total of 1,092 repeat customers.


Exceeding Expectations By 15x!

When we started our partnership with Bark Public House, we agreed upon a 3x return on investment by the end of the year - a total of 132 new purchases. Within the first 3 months, we shattered that goal by attributing an 45.11x ROI - 416 new purchases! In addition, by split-testing the various Bark Public services across 5 Facebook Campaigns, we were able to increase repeat revenue by 23% for a total of $63,228.
Thanks to Marketing Milk, Breck was able to indulge his inner data analyst by viewing top performing ads, total ad spends on each campaign, as well as audiences that drove the most purchases. The transparent & tangible standard set by our team encouraged Breck to increase his advertising spend by 50% - which we predict will furthermore enhance the performance of his campaigns by 50%.

"Drive has helped our business grow our presence on social media and generated additional revenue for Bark Public House. They have targeted a specific audience of high value clients that is allowing our business to grow month over month. We look forward to each new quarter of exciting content that they bring us."

- Breck Phillips, Bark Public Owner

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