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When Spectrum Medical, a musculoskeletal care practice in Danville, VA, partnered with Drive Social Media to reach more people and increase their new customers, it saw significant results. In a year (March 2020 to March 2021), Drive Social Media drove 7,165 purchases ringing in $2,632,916.48 of revenue for Spectrum Medical. With a 40.34x overall return on their marketing investment, Spectrum quickly learned how digital advertising and Drive’s strategic expertise keeps businesses growing without any interruptions – even during a pandemic.


Revenue Generated








The Future Of Healthcare Today

Established in 1948, Spectrum Medical is a musculoskeletal care practice that offers reliable, top-quality services for muscles and bones. At Spectrum, they provide their patients an individualized program using the latest rehab equipment and therapy techniques to maximize the recovery and get them back on track. Their one-stop-shop with licensed physical therapists and certified athletic trainers is the #1 destination for any and every musculoskeletal issue in Danville, VA. Spectrum was able to reach its peak performance with their Drive Social Media partnership, as their sales reached an all-time record.


The Move To Greatness

Even though Spectrum Medical was experiencing a lot of success, it wanted to be able to reach more people and to tailor their audiences. Spectrum wanted to reach the people who were in need of their services. As it established their partnership with Drive Social Media, a digital strategy with custom audiences was created to bring in more new customers while getting at least a three times ROI during their first year.


Keeping The Fight On

As the partnership strengthened, we designed a strategy to drive people to Spectrum Medical. We created custom audiences of existing patrons and potential new customers using AI and machine learning. Then, we created a digital strategy that included an energetic and dynamic set of campaigns, informative newsletters, hiring one-offs, and show-stopping videos that incorporated the visuals and voice of Spectrul Medical. These ads were shown to our curated audiences, thus converting impressions into scheduled appointments, and then into purchases during a difficult year. This caused a surge in sales, which allowed Drive to meet our 3x ROI promise earlier than anticipated.


Achieving Peak Performance

From March 2020 to March 2021, Drive Social Media met its goal of 3x ROI in a year with Spectrum Medical in record time, surpassing all expectations. Our strategy attributed 7,165 total purchases, which led to a 40.34x return on investment and $2,632,916.42 in direct revenue for the practice. Last but not least, for every dollar spent on Facebook, Spectrum Medical received $355.28 in return for their ad spend (ROAS), but we’re not done, our partnership is still making moves to bring the future of healthcare today.

“Drive Social Media helped us to gauge our ROI so we could see how our advertising dollars were being spent. Unlike other media avenues, Drive was able to show us real data and real results.”

- Cress Gille

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