We don’t have to tell you that social media marketing is a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy today. As of last year, the average person was spending two hours and 25 minutes on social media every day.

The challenge is that all your competitors know this too. How do you break through the clutter and give your potential customers a clear understanding of who you are and what you do?

The key is a well-designed strategy using all the latest social media knowledge available. Start with these brand exposure tips.

One Law Above All: Consistency

Consistency is the most crucial thing you can do for brand awareness, and it doesn’t end when your brand is well-known.

You need to have a detailed, specific understanding of who your brand is. Develop a brand guide where you outline your brand’s messaging, image guidelines, logo specifics, colors, design elements, and more.

This consistency allows customers to get a strong picture of who you are. They’ll feel like they know you, which makes them more likely to buy from you.

It also ensures that your ads build on each other. Instead of one ad’s exposure adding to another’s, their contributions to your brand awareness are exponential because each one lets customers get to know you better.

Make it Blend

With that consistency in mind, here’s rule number two: there is a difference between consistency and repetition.

You want customers to recognize that all your ads represent the same brand, but you shouldn’t sound like a broken record.

Use different messages that appeal to different customers and different products or services you offer. Have a diverse collection of video ads, visual ads, and gifs. Combine ads that use a content marketing perspective with more straightforward, commercial-like ads.

This variety allows you to keep customers interested and on their toes so they don’t get bored of you. It also lets you design ads that appeal to different customers’ interests and tastes so you get more far-reaching brand exposure.

Divide and Conquer

Unless you sell one very specific product or service with a small niche, chances are your customers span a wide range of demographics and interests.

How do you appeal to all of them with the same ad? You don’t.

The trick is to divide your audience into different segments or categories and create ads for each group.

For instance, let’s say you own a toy store. Have some ads that highlight toys for infants and toddlers, and show those ads exclusively to social media users with kids in those age groups. Have a separate targeted ad showcasing toys for kids ages 5-10 and so on.

As you do this, don’t forget to keep your brand’s voice and style consistent.

Unlock the Magic of Sequences

A single ad can only do so much for creating brand awareness and driving sales. So why not use teamwork?

Design a sequence of ads designed to increase a customer’s brand awareness little by little. Depending on your designs and your goals, you can use sequenced ads to guide customers through the entire sales funnel from initial awareness to making a purchase.

You can set up these sequences so the same customers see the ads in the appropriate order and at the right times. This is a powerful way to create and build momentum.

Maintain a Two-Way Conversation

Some brands think of social media platforms as billboards they can post on whenever they choose. They forget why that word “social” is in the name.

To make your social media ads successful, you need to take part in the conversation. Watch for users’ comments and respond to them with urgency.

This serves you in several ways. First, it gives you more opportunities to give your brand a voice. Of course, you need to make sure you’re staying on-brand in those responses and interactions along the way.

Second, it makes your brand look more conscientious. Customers want to buy from brands who listen to them and understand them. By responding to their comments, you can send that message.

Finally, engagement begets engagement. When people see a lot of comments and interaction on an ad, it makes them pause and take notice. They feel that if everyone else is so interested in this content, it must be of value.

Use Campaigns That Spark Interaction

Speaking of the all-important engagement on your social media ads, why wait for it to happen on its own?

Design your ads in a way that invites interaction. For example, create an ad that gives users the opportunity to win a free product if they tag someone in the comments.

This serves two purposes. First, it gets users even more invested in your brand. They’re no longer hearing about you passively. They’re actively getting involved.

Second, it spreads the word further. Their friends will see their activity and get involved as well. You get better results for your ad investment.

Observe and Adjust

Social media ad campaigns are never “done.” No brand can find the perfect combination of techniques for reaching their customers, stick with it, and see continuing success.

Your customers are always changing and your social media strategy must change with them.

As you put different ads into circulation, keep on ongoing watch on their metrics. Observe which ads drive which types of results. Look for patterns to see which elements seem to work best.

Getting the Best Brand Exposure for Every Dollar

Social media advertising is more complex than putting money in and getting money out. You want to get as much return as possible for each dollar you invest, and that requires finesse.

The tips above can help you build your brand exposure through social media ads, but there is far more involved as well.

To truly have the best results possible, you need a professional. Take the next step today by contacting our social media experts.