There’s no getting around it. Facebook video ads are such successful marketing techniques that they’re essential in the social media world.

Most businesses realize that. What they don’t know is how to make the most of their videos.

The good news is that you aren’t the first business to struggle with that question. Those who have come before you have learned a variety of Facebook video ads best practices to help you get more bang for your buck.

1. Offer Real Value

One of the best things you can do for your video ads is to not take that word “ad” too seriously.

You are in competition for your viewers’ attention, and people today are wary of being “sold to.” After all, there is a reason people are happy to pay streaming fees every month to watch commercial-free TV.

Instead of an ad that explains the benefits of your company, take a content marketing approach. Create videos that are informational and offer true value to your viewers.

For instance, if you have a craft shop, create a video that demonstrates how to make an autumn wreath. Providing content viewers actually want is the best way to get them to watch your video.

2. Forget About Sound

Okay, maybe don’t “forget” about sound in your videos, but make it an afterthought.

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

Knowing this, make sure your videos get the point across without requiring sound. One option is to create visual-only videos that demonstrate tasks or ideas without words.

If it is necessary to use words in your videos, include captions that are clear and easy to read.

3. Cast a Targeted Net

You hear the phrase “cast a wide net,” but that isn’t the best strategy with your Facebook video ads.

Facebook offers an extensive list of ways to target specific audiences for your ads, so use them. It can be helpful to divide your audience into segments and create different videos with each segment in mind.

For example, let’s say you’re an interior designer. Create one video that speaks to a modern look and specify 20somethings and 30somethings in your targeting. Create a separate video that emphasizes kid-friendly designs and target that video toward parents with young children.

It may take a higher budget to produce multiple videos compared to one. However, if you only make one video, many of your video’s views will go to waste because the content isn’t relevant to the viewers.

4. Take a Trial and Error Approach

As seasoned as our social media marketers may be, the fact remains that no one can predict with 100% certainty which videos will be successful and which won’t.

Every audience has unique quirks and features that will interest them or turn them off. Your marketing is a constant learning process to figure out what those triggers are.

This is why you need to take a trial and error approach to your Facebook video ads. Keep a watchful eye on each video’s metrics. Compare the videos that do well and those that don’t and look for common denominators.

5. Follow Up

You may have heard the term retargeting in other types of marketing. Retargeting is sending directed ads to people who have performed specific actions on your site or social media page.

Facebook’s ad manager has a retargeting feature that is underused but holds powerful potential.

Through retargeting, you can show ads to people who have watched or completed watching your videos in the past. when you do this, your budget goes further because you’re targeting customers who have already hinted that they have an interest in you.

6. Guide Customers Through the Sales Funnel

Social media marketing can do far more than getting your name and message into the social sphere. If you play your cards right, you can take a viewer through every stage in the sales funnel.

The key is developing a well-strategized sequence of ads.

For example, have an ad sequence designed for people who have never heard of you. Use another sequence for people with minimal brand awareness and another for those who know you well. Don’t forget a sequence for existing customers.

Facebook allows you to target people in these groups based on actions they’ve taken on your Facebook page. You can also link your website and target ad sequences based on actions people take on your site.

Design those sequences to guide people through from initial awareness to making a purchase.

While this can be a challenge for the inexperienced marketer, it has a powerful payoff. Facebook shows that sequenced ads get around double the subscription rate compared to the same number of non-sequenced ads.

7. Be Short and Sweet

Humans have plenty of great attributes, but we aren’t known for our long attention spans. That’s especially true when it comes to unsolicited information.

Social media, in particular, is a medium that thrives on quick glances and short scans. This is why your Facebook video ads need to be concise and direct.

When you create your videos, have a solitary message and purpose in mind. Stay focused and remain on topic. While there is no “ideal” time limit, get your point across in as little time and with as few words as possible.

Getting the Handle on Facebook Video Ads Best Practices

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and worried about following all these Facebook video ads best practices in every video? We hate to break it to you, but this is the tip of the iceberg.

There are countless more ways to make sure your Facebook video ads are as successful as possible. That’s why so many companies leave it up to professionals.

To take the next step toward a thriving Facebook video campaign, contact our digital marketing team today.