Facebook Beacon & Welcome Notes

If the addition of Place Tips wasn’t enough, Facebook has once again raised the bar for online marketing with the installment of Facebook Bluetooth beacons.

Facebook beacons enable companies to engage their target audiences by displaying the right Place Tips at the right location via Bluetooth. Accessing Place Tips, Facebook users will see their friends’ recommendations of local businesses, including statuses and pictures.

The marketing aspect of Facebook beacon resides in the Welcome Note that appears in the user’s Place Tips. While scrolling through, Facebook users will see local companies’ Welcome Notes, which are condensed profiles that enable customers to ‘like’ and explore the company’s page.

The Welcome Note creates a new platform for competitive marketing, and gives brick-and-mortar businesses the opportunity to showcase their brand to their target audience and direct users to their page for additional information.

Furthermore, Welcome Note could be the business’s first selling point. This dramatically emphasizes the brand’s image and how well it can visually draw the consumer’s attention.

Since the user has established his or her presence via the check-in, the company will have the unique opportunity to format its Welcome Note in a way that will attract an enhanced customer base.



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