Instagram to Open Platform This Fall

Get your cameras ready! Instagram plans to roll out its advertising platform to all advertisers this fall!

If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting for this moment for months now. Up until recently, you had to be a huge brand, with a huge budget, to utilize Instagram ads. Over the last 18 months, Instagram has worked to perfect this platform for these large brands. According to Instagram’s Director of Market Operations, Jim Squires, the next logical step is to bring this tool to businesses of all sizes.

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Being able to target narrower segments and achieve different types of objectives is essential

Jim Squires

Not only will Instagram advertising be available to everyone, but it also comes with some pretty cool features, including robust targeting options, direct response ads, and enhanced measurement features. And for this, we have Facebook to thank. Instagram’s parent company already knows the ins and outs of the advertising world, and lucky for us, it is sharing this technology with Instagram, giving us many of the same ad features we have already come to know and love.

Because the platform is designed to present aesthetically pleasing content and imagery to users, you can bet the marketing world will be forced to follow these guidelines. Brands will have to represent themselves through a completely visual medium -making Instagram the newest, and most innovative digital media outlet.