Huzzah! Instagram has introduced a zoom feature! Enthralling, I know. But hey! Now Baby Boomers no longer have to listen to millennials claim, “Mom, you can’t zoom on Instagram!”

Instagram Ads, Social Media Marketing | Drive Social Media  The zoom tool is as simple as it sounds.  You just “reverse pinch” in the middle of a picture or video and BOOM you have zoomed. (And yes, I am trying to coin the term “reverse pinch,” so get it trending!)

We think that Noosa Yoghurt used the zoom feature in the best way possible. They hid a message in their image forcing their followers  to zoom in to read it. Not only is it a fun idea, but the cow is saying, “peek-a-moo.” Adorable!

Is it possible that people would stop using Instagram if they failed to introduce a zoom tool? Doubtful. But the zoom helps ensure that Instagram is here to stay and listening to what users want.

So what does this mean for brands and advertisers? Instagram has a new fun and interactive way to get followers attention!

Instagram Ads, Social Media Marketing | Drive Social Media

Some advertisers are already using this feature to send users on scavenger hunts, others are using the zoom to show the quality of their product.

The possibilities are endless, but if you are not using the zoom feature by now, you should. It is a way to keep your brand fresh and a reason to be more creative!

The zoom trend in marketing will run its course eventually, but we’re excited to see whatever great pieces of advertising creative can come of it before it jumps the shark.

The Cheesecake Factory created a collage of their abundance of cheesecake options, but also used their caption to test their customers cheesecake knowledge. I MEAN YUM!

Instagram Ads, Social Media Marketing | Drive Social Media


However, we must discuss Lime-a-Rita’s pointless use of the zoom feature to introduce their new flavor. Beside the fact that surrounding the cans with cherries might just give it away, the can is easy enough to read without zooming…and seriously, there are cherries everywhere!

This new feature comes shortly after Instagram’s introduction of Stories. You can document every aspect of your life and share it with all your Instagram followers.  Which is basically just Snapchat, but with a pen tool that glows, because who doesn’t want to put laser beams shooting out of their animal’s eyes!!

So zoom in people, because now it really is what the kids are doing these days!