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Constructing Success: The Digital Reinvention of Family First Contracting with Drive Social Media

Family First Contracting, a dedicated residential contracting business led by Brian and Katie Kaufman, has emerged as a beacon of quality and trust in the construction industry over five years. However, despite having clear ambitions and a mission to build a reputable construction company, their advertising efforts, especially on platforms like Facebook, were self-admittedly lacking in direction and effectiveness. The partnership with Drive Social Media not only revolutionized their approach to marketing but also catapulted their business to new heights.

The Challenge: Enhancing Visibility and Efficiency

Before engaging with Drive, Family First Contracting’s advertising endeavors were primarily self-managed on Facebook, with limited scope and impact. The business faced significant challenges in reaching their target audience effectively and optimizing operational efficiency, particularly regarding service area localization.

Drive’s Strategic Approach: Targeting, Efficiency, and Engagement

The collaboration with Drive Social Media initiated a little over a year ago, marked the dawn of a new era for Family First Contracting. Drive’s comprehensive strategy centered around three core areas:

– Data-Driven Marketing: Drive provided invaluable insights into market trends and customer behavior, leveraging data to refine and target advertising efforts precisely.
– Operational Efficiency: One transformative strategy was optimizing Family First’s service area. Drive’s targeted marketing efforts helped the company focus on local jobs, drastically reducing travel times and costs, which previously extended up to an hour and a half each way.
– Engagement and Trust Building: Drive Social Media excelled in crafting a brand image that resonated with potential clients. Personalized and family-oriented advertising content significantly improved first-contact interactions, as evidenced by a roofing contract where the client felt immediately comfortable due to the welcoming and trustworthy image portrayed in the ads.

Remarkable ROI and Revenue Contributions

The tangible outcomes of this partnership are nothing short of remarkable. Family First Contracting reported an astonishing 1662 percent return on their marketing investment, with Drive’s efforts contributing to an average of 45% of the company’s total monthly revenue. This level of success underscores the efficacy of Drive’s targeted and personalized marketing strategies.

A Partnership Paved with Success

Brian and Katie Kaufman’s testimonial highlights the profound impact Drive Social Media has had on both their operational efficiency and their ability to connect with and secure new clients. Drive’s revolutionary approach to advertising and marketing has not only helped Family First Contracting solidify its presence in the competitive construction industry but has also set a new standard for how businesses can leverage digital marketing to achieve unprecedented growth.

Endorsing Drive: A Testament to Digital Excellence

Recommending Drive Social Media is unequivocal for the Kaufmans, attributed to the significant and tangible benefits their business has experienced. The partnership between Family First Contracting and Drive epitomizes the transformative potential of advanced digital marketing strategies, making Drive an indispensable ally for businesses aiming to navigate the digital landscape successfully and forge a path toward sustainable growth.