Kelley’s Pace

Video Testimonial

A New Stride: Kelley’s Pace’s Remarkable Growth with Drive Social Media

Kelley’s Pace, a cornerstone in the Mystic, Connecticut community for 42 years, has seen an unprecedented transformation since partnering with Drive Social Media. Owned by Jeff Anderson, Kelley’s Pace holds a storied legacy, named after John Kelley, the 1957 Boston Marathon winner. Specializing in fitting customers with the perfect shoes and addressing their fitness needs, Kelley’s Pace embarked on a new chapter of digital marketing to broaden its reach and impact.

Beyond Skepticism: Discovering a Unique Partnership

Initially skeptical about traditional advertising and marketing firms, Jeff was drawn to Drive Social Media by its distinct approach to digital marketing. Contrary to his expectations, Drive proved to be more than just an advertising agency; it was a partner dedicated to truly understanding and expanding Kelley’s Pace’s presence in the digital realm. Drive’s philosophy of underpromising and overdelivering resonated with Jeff, leading to a fruitful collaboration.

Boosting Engagement and Sales

Before Drive, Jeff’s marketing efforts were limited to organic growth, occasional Facebook posts, and boosted content. Drive Social Media revolutionized this approach by implementing a structured, data-driven strategy that significantly increased Kelley’s Pace’s visibility and customer engagement. With a dedicated team from Drive, Kelley’s Pace undergoes a thorough review process every three months, setting the stage for continued success and freeing up time for Jeff to focus on other aspects of the business.

A Return on Investment that Exceeds Expectations

Jeff has been astounded by the ROI since partnering with Drive, achieving $16 back for every dollar spent. This level of return has been instrumental in Kelley’s Pace’s 60% growth rate, attracting a diverse new customer base daily. This influx of new customers has not only broadened the store’s clientele to include non-runners and those seeking comfort for sore feet but also encouraged the team to refine their approach and welcome a wider audience.

Embracing Change for Expansive Growth

Taking the leap from organic growth to paid advertising was a significant decision for Jeff, who had not invested in advertising for the six years he owned Kelley’s Pace. The decision to partner with Drive Social Media marked a pivotal point in the store’s history, leading to substantial growth, an expanded customer base, and a reinvigorated approach to meeting the community’s fitness needs.


Kelley’s Pace’s journey with Drive Social Media exemplifies the transformative power of embracing digital marketing strategies for businesses rooted in tradition and community. By forging a unique partnership with Drive, Kelley’s Pace has not only increased its sales and customer base but also reaffirmed its commitment to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals, ensuring its legacy continues to thrive in the digital age.