Nashville Symphony

Video Testimonial

A Harmonious Partnership: Drive Social Media and the Nashville Symphony

In the vibrant cultural landscape of Nashville, the Nashville Symphony stands as a beacon of musical excellence and innovation. Under the direction of Justin Bradford, Director of Digital Media, the Symphony has embraced a mission not only to celebrate classical music but to make it accessible to a wide and diverse audience. The partnership with Drive Social Media, initiated in the spring of 2019, marked a pivotal moment in the Symphony’s outreach and engagement efforts.

Facing the Music: Challenges and Objectives

The Nashville Symphony operates in a multifaceted cultural arena, offering a rich variety of musical experiences. The challenge? Reaching an audience as diverse as its offerings. The Symphony’s collaboration with Drive was driven by a need to think outside the traditional marketing box and to tap into unexplored segments of potential enthusiasts.

The Drive Difference: Local Insight and Social Expertise

Choosing Drive Social Media for their local presence and proven success in social advertising was a strategic move. Drive’s expertise in navigating the complex digital landscape offered the Nashville Symphony an opportunity to connect with new clients, ticket buyers, and families — essentially broadening their audience base with precision-targeted marketing strategies.

Quarterly Triumphs: Immediate Impact and Engagement

The results were music to the ears: within just a quarter, Drive Social Media had significantly increased the Symphony’s visibility, leading to new ticket sales and attendees. This success underscored the existence of untapped audience segments and demonstrated Drive’s capability to reach them effectively.

Beyond the Bottom Line: A Future-Focused ROI

What sets the partnership apart is the focus on long-term value over immediate gains. Bradford highlights the ROI of working with Drive not merely in terms of revenue but in cultivating lifelong fans of the Symphony. This approach to ROI considers the broader impact of marketing investments, aiming to integrate new audiences into the Symphony’s community for years to come.

Data-Driven Decisions: The Power of Marketing Milk

A key tool in Drive’s arsenal is Marketing Milk, a platform that allows for the visualization of data, offering clear insights into the effectiveness of marketing efforts. This technology played a crucial role in quantifying the success of campaigns, proving the return on investment through detailed analytics.

A Symphony of Success: The Ongoing Encore

The partnership between Drive Social Media and the Nashville Symphony exemplifies how digital marketing can amplify the reach and resonance of cultural institutions. By embracing innovative strategies, the Symphony has not only expanded its audience but has also laid the groundwork for future engagement, ensuring that classical music remains a thriving and integral part of Nashville’s cultural fabric.

The Final Note: Amplifying Potential with Drive

As this case study demonstrates, the collaboration between Drive Social Media and the Nashville Symphony is a testament to the transformative power of targeted digital marketing. For arts organizations looking to broaden their appeal and deepen their community connections, this partnership serves as a model for how strategic digital initiatives can lead to sustained growth and enriched cultural engagement.