Giani Granite

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Revolutionizing Countertops and Conversions: Giani Granite’s Digital Success with Drive Social Media

Giani Granite, nestled in St. Louis, Missouri, and operating since 2008, specializes in innovative DIY paint kits that transform laminate or formica countertops into the luxurious look of marble, granite, or quartz. Spearheaded by Jamie, the Director of Information Technology and Marketing, and Tyler, Giani Granite embarked on a digital enhancement journey with Drive Social Media in May 2020. This partnership aimed to boost Giani Granite’s social media advertising efficacy and overall online visibility.

A Strategy That Delivers

Within a mere nine months of collaboration, Giani Granite experienced an exceptional surge in its digital marketing outcomes. The initiative resulted in a nearly fivefold return on investment (ROI), dramatically outperforming the initial threefold ROI target set by Drive Social Media. This extraordinary achievement was accompanied by a 245% increase in revenue and an 81% rise in website traffic, indicating the campaigns’ broad reach and effectiveness.

Enhancing DIY Kits with Digital Expertise

Giani Granite’s mission to provide affordable home renovation solutions through its unique paint kits met its match in Drive’s social media advertising expertise. Despite their self-professed social media savvy, Giani Granite recognized the need for specialized assistance to optimize their advertising efforts effectively. Drive Social Media’s strategy not only fulfilled but exceeded Giani Granite’s expectations, significantly amplifying their advertising presence on social platforms.

Speed and Efficiency Define Success

What set this partnership apart was Drive Social Media’s rapid execution and results delivery. Giani Granite was notably impressed by how swiftly Drive generated outcomes, with each marketing phase reaching its objectives well ahead of time. This efficiency, combined with the opportunity for in-depth, data-focused discussions at Drive’s offices, laid the groundwork for a robust and productive collaboration.

Collaboration Over Critique

Drive Social Media’s approach was distinctively collaborative, valuing Giani Granite’s existing knowledge while offering expert guidance to refine their marketing strategy. This partnership fostered a creative and strategic environment, leading to the development of highly effective and efficient marketing campaigns.


Giani Granite’s journey with Drive Social Media underscores the transformative impact of strategic digital marketing in the DIY home improvement sector. By marrying Giani Granite’s innovative products with Drive’s expertise in social media advertising, they have significantly expanded their customer base and boosted sales and online presence. This partnership exemplifies the benefits of embracing digital strategies and working with the right team to surpass business objectives, securing Giani Granite’s position as a market leader in home renovation solutions.