Hyundai of Columbia

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Accelerating Success: Hyundai of Columbia’s Partnership with Drive Social Media

Hyundai of Columbia, under the leadership of Patrick Robertson, General Sales Manager, has marked four years of exceptional growth and customer engagement in Columbia, Tennessee. This journey of success, significantly bolstered by a strategic partnership with Drive Social Media, showcases a tailored approach to digital marketing in the automotive industry.

Beyond the Automotive Bubble: A Fresh Perspective

Hyundai of Columbia recognized the need for a marketing approach that stood apart from the conventional strategies flooding the automotive sector. The initial engagement with Drive Social Media revealed a promising aspect: although Drive had experience with dealerships, their perspective was not confined to the automotive bubble. This outside perspective, coupled with an understanding of the industry, allowed for innovative strategies that cut through the noise of traditional automotive advertising.

Seamless Integration and Understanding

One of the highlights of this partnership has been the seamless integration and mutual understanding between Hyundai of Columbia and Drive. The dealership appreciates the depth of knowledge and familiarity that Drive brings to each meeting, making their collaboration not just a service, but a partnership.

Leveraging Marketing Milk for Transparent Results

A key component of Drive’s strategy involves the use of Marketing Milk, a tool that provides clear insights into campaign performance. Patrick Robertson emphasizes the importance of engagement with this platform, suggesting that regular review and interaction with marketing data are crucial for success. This tool has enabled Hyundai of Columbia to monitor their progress and adjust strategies as needed, ensuring optimal performance of their marketing efforts.

Customized Campaigns for Targeted Outreach

Drive Social Media’s approach to campaign development is anything but cookie-cutter. By starting with a blank slate, they worked closely with Hyundai of Columbia to create campaigns tailored to the dealership’s unique goals and target audience. This customized strategy has been instrumental in attracting the right shoppers to Hyundai of Columbia, as evidenced by the introduction of 526 individual purchasers to the dealership.

A Partnership Defined by Mutual Goals and Results

Reflecting on nearly a year of collaboration, it’s clear that Drive Social Media has not only met but exceeded Hyundai of Columbia’s expectations. The partnership’s success lies in its foundation of listening to and understanding the dealership’s short-term and long-term goals, leading to the development of strategic campaigns that resonate with their target audience.


Hyundai of Columbia’s journey with Drive Social Media illustrates the power of a partnership that extends beyond traditional marketing tactics. By embracing a fresh perspective, engaging deeply with analytic tools, and customizing campaigns to meet specific goals, Hyundai of Columbia has set a new standard for digital marketing success in the automotive industry. This collaboration highlights the importance of choosing a marketing partner capable of delivering tailored strategies and tangible results.