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In this captivating talk presented by Duncan Wardle at Drive Social Media, we explore the intriguing phenomenon of the “perfect line” – that one, unbeatable retort we only seem to conjure up moments after an argument has ended. Why does this happen? Duncan dives deep into the workings of our brain under pressure, drawing a parallel between the high-speed thinking during a heated debate and the constant barrage of tasks and information we process in the workplace. From emails and weekly reports to compliance and safety briefings, our minds are perpetually in overdrive, leaving us proclaiming, “I don’t have time to think.”
Duncan reveals how this relentless pace forces us into a ‘beta’ brain state, effectively locking the door between our conscious and subconscious minds, and drastically limiting our creative and innovative capabilities. This insightful talk not only sheds light on why we often miss delivering that killer one-liner in the moment but also serves as a powerful reminder of the number one barrier to innovation and creativity: not allowing ourselves the time to think. Join Duncan Wardle as he delves into the science behind our thought processes and offers strategies to unlock the door to our subconscious, fostering creativity and innovation in both our personal and professional lives.

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