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In this insightful clip from his talk at Drive Social Media, Duncan Wardle, the former Disney Innovation Leader, shares a revolutionary approach that significantly increased Disney’s potential revenue by $1.6 billion. Instead of focusing on the direct question, “How might we make more money?”, Duncan illustrates the power of reversing the question to address consumer pain points. By asking, “How might we solve the biggest consumer pain point?”, Disney discovered an opportunity to enrich the customer experience at Walt Disney World.
Duncan reveals that customers have more free time than they did 6 years ago. This additional free time not only resulted in record intent to return and recommend rates but also translated into substantial financial gain as guests happily spent their newfound leisure time within the park. With 25 million visitors annually, the math adds up to a staggering $1.6 billion of incremental revenue.
This story exemplifies the importance of rethinking traditional business questions and focusing on customer satisfaction as a path to financial success. Watch as Duncan unpacks this strategy’s details, showcasing how empathy and consumer-centric thinking can lead to unprecedented outcomes in any industry.

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