Attribution is the hardest area of your marketing to both understand and measure. With its complex attribution models, even the slightest data missing can impact you.

The importance of marketing attribution makes the headache worth it. It gives you a better insight into what your customers are thinking. This allows you to optimize and improve different aspects of your marketing campaign.

Enter Facebook offline Conversions. This one of a kind tool creates a powerful way to collate all your sales data in one place. The question still remains.

What are Facebook offline conversions? How does it help with your Facebook marketing?

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything about Facebook offline conversions marketing. How do you do it? Why should you care?

Here’s how you use this powerful tool to optimize your insights:

1. What are Facebook Offline Conversions?

Facebook offline conversions marketing refers to using offline data to supplement your digital information. By syncing your CRM database or POS systems, you can get valuable data that your Facebook Pixel can’t catch.

This allows your Facebook marketing to track offline data events. Such data can optimize digital campaigns. You can use such information with your Facebook tools, including your Facebook Attributions.

These real-world insights can power your digital space. They can improve your Facebook ad revenue. How?

In social media marketing, offline events are almost impossible to follow. Non-digital conversions tend to scatter your data. This then creates a separate sphere of conversation that complicates attribution.

If a sale happens in real life, there’s almost no way, barring manual input, that can account such data.

In practice, using Facebook offline conversions ads creates a closed-loop for your digital campaigns. This prevents the proverbial data scatter, which optimizes your entire Facebook marketing.

2. How Does Offline Conversions Work?

How do these conversions work? These offline conversion events can be anything, including:

  • Qualified Leads
  • Offline phone bookings
  • Brick and mortar sales data

These events can come from almost anything, from point of sale systems to your call center system. The data that Facebook offline conversions marketing gathers is typical as well. This can include:

  • Contact details (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number)
  • Country
  • Location details (City, State)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Zip Code
  • Event Time
  • Event Name
  • Value
  • Order ID
  • Item Number
  • Currency
  • FB User ID

As you can see, there’s a laundry list of user information you can use. This can help optimize your Facebook offline conversions ads.

Once you’re ready to upload your data, you can create a setup. This setup becomes your Offline Conversions Set.

They then create a data map for your attributions. These will be then added to your existing metrics.

3. Impact on Facebook Ad Revenue

There are three metrics that you would need for your Facebook marketing. This includes:

  • Events received
  • Attributed events
  • Matched events

Events received is the number of data sets that you upload on Facebook. Attributed events are the number of events Facebook can match with a user who interacted with your ads. Matched events are data sets that Facebook can match to a user.

As you can see, the data matching is crucial in your Facebook ad revenue. By creating a closed loop of data, this creates accurate attribution data that you can use.

Attribution data is crucial if you want to make improvements. Your sales funnels and your Facebook ad spending will benefit the most from this extra offline conversions data. You will see which parts work, which need improvement, and which may need an overhaul.

By matching your physical location events and your Facebook offline conversions ads, you can reach people better by seeing how they interact with your business better.

Are people showing interest in your ads? Do your sales match with your digital campaigns? These are vital questions that can help you grow as a digital and social media business.

4. Why Do You Need Facebook Offline Conversions Marketing?

Leveraging offline conversions tracking in your business takes a significant amount of work. The ability to analyze your performance from data can give you results that you can use. By having granularity in your attributions data, you can improve on your Facebook ads revenue.

In fact, the real-time use of Facebook offline conversions ads can help you save money. You can find the right audience better, leading to fewer costs on finding qualified leads. With Facebook ads being its own advertising channel, getting combined, ready results helps assess situations better.

These offline conversions help you interpret the impact. With better insight on your Facebook marketing, you can see how it hits your sales funnel. This allows for extra comfort in using Facebook as an advertising solution instead of an extra channel.

5. What More Can You Get?

In addition to adjustments, Facebook offline conversions marketing gives you other benefits. A good example is your cross-channel conversions measurement. By combining it with Facebook attributions, you will see how different channels work for you through different devices.

Through such Facebook marketing, you also get to create custom audiences that follow your offline data. This can search for potential customers who match customers’ offline buying habits. It helps deliver better ads to people who will take action because it’s their interest.

It’s Time To Care About Facebook Offline Conversions

When it comes to Facebook offline conversions, this crucial marketing technique can help. It can provide a tighter window of data and prevent scattering. This leads to better attribution, which then helps create finer sales funnels and more granular way to use Facebook ads.

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