Your whole life is stored in one place: your smartphone. It’s the tool everyone uses to function in the world, and without one we would all be lost. Yet, it’s more than just a tool people use to live their lives.

A smartphone is also a perfect platform for you to post your advertisements. Most people use smartphones and apps on them to engage with people through social media. Not as many use desktops to access their social media feeds – instead 67 percent of people say they use apps.

That’s why, when you purchase paid social media advertisements, they can’t be designed for computers. The days when you could open up photoshop and pen out an idea without testing it on a variety of devices are over. Instead, you need to tailor your ads for iPhones, Androids, and tablets to reach the most amount of people.

As a marketer, you need to go where the people are. And people are on their phones. Keep reading below to learn why your marketing needs think mobile-first for its social media campaign, and how it can maximize its ROI with it!

Social Media Companies Start Out With Apps

There was once a day when companies would start out on the web by using HTML to build a website. You used to need to type in URL and log in to an account before you could interact with other people. You couldn’t just tap an icon on your phone and be immediately immersed with your social media feed.

Yet, those days are over. Now, if people need to log into their accounts manually, they may just give up. And if they can’t use an app to access their social media, they may never use it. In fact, most of the top social media companies started out as just apps – it’s what they focus on.

Many of the most popular social media platforms don’t even have desktop versions. And since social media companies mostly care about their apps, you need to focus on their apps too. By tailoring your ads to mobile platforms, you can stay ahead and fit right in with the platform’s overall themes.

People Are Using Their Phones More

By tailoring your ads for mobile platforms, you’re also reading people right where they are – on their phones. On average, people spend around an hour and a half on their phones. Depending on the industry you’re targeting, that number could be far higher.

Entire careers are being built off the backs of smartphones as people start to generate income through social media. Taking pictures and live-streaming with smartphones have become some people’s entire sources of revenue. When your ads influence those sorts of people, your ads also influence their audiences.

Your social media marketing strategy also doesn’t need to only be about ads. You can arrange influencer deals where your company can be promoted within pre-established communities. That can essentially make those communities your communities and guarantee you a loyal customer base.

Each Platform Has Its Own Paid Social Media Ad Format

Not two social media platforms are entirely alike. The basic formula to social media never changes – post something to generate views and engagement. Yet, the effectiveness of different posts changes based on the platform.

That means, to make effective advertisements, you need to tailor each one to the platform it will appear on. An ad made for Instagram won’t do nearly as well on Snapchat or Twitter. And a Facebook ad will flounder on Reddit.

Keep reading below to learn some tips on how to style ads so they work on different platforms.

Pop Out In Instagram With Lush, Moving Ads

Instagram is partly famous due to its square-image format. Almost all posts on Instagram are square, diverting from the traditional professional photography styles. Anything that looks like it was taken in landscape orientation will simply not do as well.

Videos also work exceptionally well on Instagram. The app automatically silences videos, unless users opt to switch the volume on, so their feed is uninterrupted. Yet, you can still grab people’s attention through moving images only.

Most people use Instagram to just post photos. When you post videos too, you help make yourself stand out from the crowd and will generate organic attention for your brand.

Twitter Is About Spreading Information, Fast

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is about spreading information. Other social media platforms emphasize having fun and connecting with communities; nobody has fun on Twitter. Instead, they send out random blurbs and links to websites containing information relevant to a grander conversation.

You need to mimic this behavior and make your Twitter account do the same. Join in the conversation, whatever it may be. Make your brand have an opinion on anything from politics to the weather.

That way, it will look more human, and more approachable.

Facebook Is Like Daytime TV, But For Social Media

Facebook has come under a lot of fire recently for many of its business practices. It violated users’ privacy, and even help facilitate a genocide in Myanmar. Yet, it’s still one of the most active and vibrant social media companies today.

It’s managed to persevere so much because it’s basically the daytime TV of social media. Just like how daytime TV is something people tune in-and-out of whenever they feel like it, Facebook is exactly the same. People only ever see what they want to see on Facebook, they’re only concerned with what already concerns them.

That means you need to tailor your ads to be relevant to specific groups of people on Facebook. Expect to make many different Facebook ads to be served to many different demographics. When people see that your company is relevant to their lives on Facebook, they’re more likely to explore your company more.

Mobile-First Ads Make For Better Marketing

Your marketing plan is nothing without paid social media ads. It’s how you attract people to your brand. Without them, you’ll struggle to create a following and make your brand stand out against others.

However, they’re also a dangerous tool. Bad social media advertisements can backfire and tarnish your brand. Each ad needs to be carefully designed for each platform while staying true to your unique style.

It needs to be done by experts, and for that, we’re here. Contact us, and we will work with you to make sure you’re recognized in your market. With us, people will want to do more with you on social media than socialize. They’ll want to shop with you too.