Why Email Marketing Still Works

Let’s be honest, more often than not, we experience the Internet through our smart phones. We Facebook, we Instagram, we Google, we email. Now, more than ever, society is plugged-in; and even more so, we’re staying ever-vigilant for the next big thing. It’s because of this reason, that email marketing services are still the easiest way to reach your target consumer.

Now, we’re aware of email marketing’s bad reputation. It seems too old school, perhaps. “Email marketing is soooo 2011,” one might say. And we get it; there are plenty of scams out there to make even the most engaging consumer suspicious. However, email marketing is still extremely important to nurture and grow your business here in Nashville, and here are five great reasons why we think so.

1) You can reach users on multiple platforms, specifically mobile.

Email Marketing for Mobile | Drive Social Media

Email marketing is the easiest way to reach your customers on their mobile device without actually having to invest in any new technology, such as an app. It’s free, easy, and personable. Forrester Research recently released a statement proclaiming 42% of business’ emails were opened on their consumers’ smartphones, with another 17% opened on tablets. This not only allows your message to be utilized as an email marketing strategy, but also a mobile marketing one too. (Not to mention, it is cheaper and more convenient than SMS text campaigns, which are not as visually appealing, and can cause consumers to incur charges on their end.)

2) It is an easy way to drive online and in-store purchases with promotions.

Email Marketing Promotions | Drive Social Media
Very simply, email marketing services still work because it presents your customers with important promotional opportunities. These opportunities can only be received because of their exclusive membership with your business. Everyone likes to feel included, and even more so, they like for said inclusion to feel effortless and easy.

Consumers also like to stay informed. They want to know every little happening about their favorite brands, companies, and the products in which they invest their hard-earned money. It’s because of this desire for bargains (or information) that these same consumers often seek out these emails from their favorite brands. These kind of promotions assuredly drive online and in-store sales, every time.

3) They provide valuable data that is easy to gauge.

Email Marketing Data | Drive Social Media
A strategic marketing campaign is only as valuable as the data it provides. How else will you know what worked, what didn’t, and what you can do to continuously make your strategy better? Email marketing provides many easy-to-gauge measurements that allow you to continuously refine your campaign and keep users engaged and craving more of your content. From click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates and unsubscribe rates, there is a plethora of data and knowledge that can come from running an email marketing campaign, and if done right, you can be sure to give the people what they want, use what works, and ditch what simply doesn’t.

4) They allow you to reach a highly qualified consumer.

Targeted Email Marketing | Drive Social Media
Overall, email marketing is effective because your business is sending out promotions and information not just to anyone, but to qualified consumers. Traditional advertising forces the message into the world without a care of whom it might reach; it insists that if you scream at the masses, at least some will follow. Email marketing turns this outdated method on its head. It insists on a specific message for a specific purpose to a specific audience. This strategy is extremely effective. By narrowing your audience, you are already eliminating the uncertainty that the audience might not be interested in your offer. These users are the ones who surrendered their information. You already know they are interested in your business so, of course, they’re going to be interested in your promotion or information.

5) They allow businesses to build relationships.

Building Relationships with Email Marketing  | Drive Social Media
Above all else, there is a clear and important connection that is being built between the company and consumer when these emails are opened, and this is where the real business value resides. When a connection is forged, your business is more likely to grow and prosper because that same consumer will return to participate in more of your business; and they’ll bring their friends; and their friends’ friends; and so on. This goes beyond promotions or coupons. This is an inexpensive way to drive both online and in-store sales, all while growing your brand and your community’s loyalty to your business.

If you’re a small business in Nashville and would like to learn more about our email marketing services in Nashville, or how Drive can help with your digital marketing campaign, let’s chat!