Did you know that there are over 2 billion active users on Facebook? No wonder that with so many people using this social media network marketing with Facebook ads makes sense. Are you getting the most out of your Facebook marketing campaign? Chances are, you’re incorrectly using your ad spend.

Keep reading to learn about using your money wisely.

Best Practices for Facebook Ads

Have you ever wondered where your Facebook ad spend is going? Why are you not getting the impressions you were hoping for? There are reasons why it seems like you’re wasting your money. It’s smart to implement a paid strategy to grow your business but it’s smarter to do it correctly.

1. Don’t Bid too Low on Ad Price

When you start an ad campaign you’re competing against thousands of other ads at the same time. Facebook looks at a few different things when deciding whose ad to show. They look at the price that you’re willing to pay for the action you want your audience to take.

They also look at how interesting your ads are to your target audience. The last thing they look at is if your audience will be inclined to take the action you want them to take.

Once Facebook analyzes this they determine the ad that will be shown first. To help you not choose a bid price that’s too low you have the option of choosing “Lowest cost” for your bidding. This means that you’re allowing Facebook to choose the best price for the action you want your audience to take.

If you choose to add your own bid cap then you’re telling Facebook what you’re willing to pay and if it’s too low for the action you want then Facebook won’t show your ad preference.

2. Optimize Facebook Ad Images

You have to make sure that your images are optimized for Facebook. Images that aren’t optimized equals less engagement. If Facebook finds that your images aren’t optimized they will not show your ads over an ad that has properly optimized images.

3. Avoid Too Many Edits

Some people get so excited optimizing and changing their ads to see what works best but it can mean poor ad delivery. Facebook ads can take up to 24 hours to be delivered and when ads are edited it will take longer. Give your ad at least 24 hours before editing it to give enough time for your ad to start delivering.

4. Relevance Score

Facebook wants to make sure that they’re showing the most relevant advertisements to its users. Your ad relevance score will determine who will see your ads. If people are engaging with your ads this shows Facebook that your ad is relevant.

In turn, Facebook will charge you less to rach people. If your relevance score is low your ad will end up costing you more money and will be shown to fewer people. When you start your ad campaign go over the relevancy score to see if you have to make changes to either the ad or your target audience.

5. Avoid Too Much Text

A lot of people wonder how to write ads for Facebook, especially within images. If you’re using too much text in your image Facebook might reject your ad. Images with little or no text will keep you safe from being rejected by Facebook. Images with heavy text, if they aren’t rejected, have less distribution to your target audience than images that don’t have as much text on them.

Key here stay away from images that have a 10 paragraph testimonial from your client.

6. Campaign Objective

Creating an ad that pushes your cold audience to buy too quickly will push them away faster than ever. Follow the golden rule of marketing to give before you ask. Before you ask your audience to buy something from your ad give them a reason to stay in touch with you or give you their email in exchange for something you provide of value to help them.

When choosing your options while you’re building your campaign, pick the options for conversions and Facebook ad optimization to increase leads vs. lead ads, clicks, or engagement.

7. Focus on Earning per Lead

Most people focus on cost per lead when setting up their ads which is a mistake. Instead of focusing on cost per lead it’s best to focus on earning per lead. This is the number that shows how much you will earn for every person that goes through your funnel.

8. Creating New Ads

Instead of creating new ads why not manage successful ones? If you have already run a couple of Facebook ads and had successful ones you can reuse those successful ones. You can analyze which ads have been winners and recycle them.

Keep in mind that sometimes it takes people a few times to see the same advertisement so using an ad that already had engagement is smarter than experimenting with a new ad.

9. Analyze Facebook Ad Strategy

You can’t spend hours creating your campaign, putting out for the world to see and forget about it. After the ad is active you have to manage and analyze it. Look at them to make sure the engagement is where you want it to be.

Analyze the cost per ad and return on ad spend. Make adjustments to increase your numbers so that you get the most out of the ad campaigns you run.

Run Your Facebook Ads like a Pro

Intentional and planned Facebook ad strategies are a great way to increase your website traffic and sales. If you are new to ad spend or have been trying with no luck follow the tips above to help you. The new world of marketing can be less expensive than traditional marketing when done correctly.

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