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Drive Social Media helped save nearly $10,000 in hiring costs over a six-month period.




Saved First 6 Months


CPA Decrease


Careers In The Aviation Industry

Rarely do travelers stop and think about the number of agents and representatives who ensure their day at the airport runs smoothly. It truly is a well-oiled machine, and Airport Terminal Services are the ones holding the oil can.

With its humble Midwest beginnings in 1975, ATS has grown to be the largest privately held company in the aviation services industry. Servicing over 46 cities throughout North America, ATS proudly employs over 4,000 people and offers competitive work and travel benefits to those with a GED or higher.

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Lower Cost Per Hire & Increase Applicant Pool

At our initial meeting in December of 2018, ATS was determined to drop their cost-per-hire below $220.00 and grow their brand awareness to build a pipeline of qualified candidates. By creating a healthy pipeline, ATS would have a consistent pool of candidates to build out their workforce.


Facebook Dynamic Creative & Lead Generation Campaigns

Drive Social Media created ads that promoted the true value of being an employee at ATS — from working with a team of agents in a fast-paced, outdoor environment to the outstanding work and travel benefits available to candidates who have a GED or higher.

Drive created a four campaign strategy in order to best allocate ATS’ ad budget. The first campaign used Facebook’s Dynamic Creative product, which leverages AI and machine learning to indicate the most impactful forms of copy, imagery, and call-to-actions to use. This campaign acts as a creative test-kitchen where Drive can hone in on the best creative combination that leads to the highest number of website conversions. These insights help us retarget web visitors for our remaining three campaigns which were lead generation campaigns.

Facebook lead generation campaigns act as a great tool to reduce friction from advertisement to application form. Not only that, they reduce the cost per lead due to users staying within the Facebook platform.

ATS employee in an ATS truck
ATS employee driving cargo vehicle


Taking ATS To New Heights

In the first 6-months, Drive Social Media acquired over 1,400 candidates for Airport Terminal Services. From these leads, Airport Terminal Services hired 21 ramp agents for YVR, saving $9,912 dollars in the process. We achieved these results from effectively optimizing our campaigns using lookalike audiences, based on employee data from ATS.

From this initial success, ATS has continued to turn to Drive to generate leads for positions outside of YVR — including Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) and Montréal-Trudeau (YUL). With our continued partnership, we are excited to continue to grow ATS’ employment pipelines and hire across all airports.


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