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Finding an 8.63x ROI and Keeping Their Customers Coming Back

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We utilized carousel ads coupled with custom audiences to expand reach in order to promote sales of a local consignment furniture store Brentwood, TN. Our collective efforts resulted in:


Return On Ad Spend


Total Purchases


Return On Investment


Ad Revenue


Serving Greater Nashville Since 1991

Finders Keepers is a consignment furniture store located in Cool Springs selling new and consigned furniture at affordable rates. They opened their doors in 1991, and sell pieces for every room of the house. A fixture in Greater Nashville, they sought out Drive to help them maximize their potential to find — and keep — new customers throughout Middle Tennessee.

The finders keepers brick and mortar location
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Finding & Keeping ROI

Finders Keepers sought to generate more business with both new and returning customers, as well as see a 3X return on their marketing investment, in the hopes of taking advantage of the booming economy and increasing population of Nashville.


Helping Nashvillians Build Their Home

Finders Keepers partnered with Drive to expand their reach throughout the Greater Nashville Area. acquire new customers, and engage repeat customers. We suggested location-based AI-lookalike audiences to give Finders Keepers several new markets they weren’t previously tapping into.

Based on previous marketing efforts, we highlighted product carousels to showcase their diverse selection of products. By ensuring our advertisements reached key targeted audiences at a specific rate of frequency, we were able to attribute a significant source of revenue directly to our campaigns.

Dive Social Media's ad solution

“If you want to effectively use Social Media to promote your business in the advertising morass, Drive Social Media is a refreshing and unique resource to navigate Facebook and reach potential customers.”

— Ryan H., Owner, Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers Success working with Drive social media


Keeping Clients and Customers Satisfied

So far, we’ve made Finders Keepers $114k in revenue attributed to Facebook ads in 2019. Through targeted advertisements and a focus on the diversity of their product selection, we’ve been able to bring in $71k in new customer revenue, with the total number of purchases for the year reaching 294. They received an 8.63x ROI, with an exceptionally strong return on ad spend of 27.72x, indicating that they will certainly be finding and keeping their customers hooked with effective advertising.


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