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Building Brick And Mortar Sales One Step at a Time

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Just six months after partnering with Drive, Running Lab’s overall revenue increased by 23.6%, or $126,660.48, from the same period the previous year. March 2019 saw their best month ever (since opening in 2011), with a 28% increase in sales over March 2018. Sprinting far ahead of our initial goals, we’ve helped Running Lab reach a 6.71X return on investment (ROI) in only two campaign cycles, with much more room to grow.


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Putting The Most Comfortable Foot Forward

As the only store of its kind in Livingston County, MI, owner Ken L. founded the shop with a mission to find the perfect fit for every foot using a consistent & robust process involving a unique video analysis. From marathon runners to nurses, their one-of-a-kind, 4-step custom fitting analyzes gait, body type, running style, & personal goals in order to pair each customer with the right shoe for their needs. Since opening in 2011, Running Lab has built up a community of fans & friends from all walks (and runs) of life.

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Driving Brick & Mortar Sales

Our partnership with Running Lab began in October of 2018, with one specific goal: keep customers sprinting through the doors. Business was good, but Ken saw an opportunity to increase “foot” traffic in their local market and identified social media as the perfect route to run their marketing. It was important for us to establish the store, and their expert staff, as a fixture in not only the running community, but in all of Livingston County, MI.


Timeline Takeover

Together, we created a Facebook and Instagram strategy utilizing carousel ads that showcased their range of top-of-the-line products and special edition shoes. We also focused our campaigns on the health benefits customers experience when identifying the perfect shoe and fit. We laced up our value-packed strategy with audience-relevant copy and a mix of product and lifestyle graphics that set us on a course for success.

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“We finally have a clear path & strategy when it comes to marketing and that is definitely because of Drive.”

— Ken L., Owner, Running Lab

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Sprint Ahead, Don’t Look Back

The first phase of our strategy, in which we aim to simply establish proof-of-concept, was left in the dust as we brought Running Lab a 5.64X ROI (354 purchases) during their first round of campaigns. We didn’t stop there, though. By the end of our second campaign round, Running Lab saw a 10.07X ROI for a total of 566 purchases in just a three month period. Overall, we’ve seen a 6.71X ROI for a grand total of 920 purchases in only six months — blowing past our goal of 3X ROI by the end of the third round of campaigns. In addition to revenue increase, they also grew their marathon training community by 110 people — a 236% increase over the previous year.


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