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Outrunning ROI Goals Ahead of Schedule

Red Rock Running Company


Three months after partnering with Drive, Red Rock Running Company was able to attribute 157 purchases and $21,335.48 in revenue directly to Drive’s Social Media marketing efforts. For every dollar invested on Facebook, Red Rock Running Company received an average of $19.36 (or a 1936%) return on investment.


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All Runners Welcome

Red Rock Running Company is a brick-and-mortar store that specializes in performance-based footwear and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Red Rock Running Company offers a wide selection of shoes, custom fittings, running apparel, and accessories, as well as group runs and social events. When owners Mark and Josh bought the company in January 2018, their mission was to make every single customer who walks through their doors feel welcome and part of their community — no matter their fitness level or running ability. With their motto of “Every run is a good run,” Red Rock Running Company has helped a community of people pursue their passion for running with their custom-fit shoes.

man runnning on treadmill with employee helping him
red rock running company employee helping customer


Drive Brick & Mortar Sales

When we partnered with Red Rock Running Company in January 2019, our goal was simple: amplify brick and mortar sales. When Mark and Josh took over the company, the business was struggling and they felt that social media would be the perfect way to get things back on the right foot. It was important for us to not only establish the store as the go-to destination for seasoned runners, but as the starting line for new runners as well.


Speak Directly to Runners

We integrated our proprietary Marketing Milk software with Red Rock Running Company’s customer databases, analyzed their current customers, and used AI and machine learning to build audiences of similar users who are not yet customers to serve our ads. Utilizing the Facebook and Instagram platforms, we showcased their lineup of products, overall expertise, and money-saving loyalty program. Putting ourselves in an avid runner's shoes, we focused on the same pain points they face, as well as described the health benefits of finding the perfectly fitted running shoes. Our campaigns strung together playful copy and eye-catching imagery to help jumpstart their ROI journey faster than expected.

Drive social media ad for red rock running with guy stretching
man running crossing finish line


Crossing the Finish Line in Half the Time

Just like Red Rock's customer base, we didn't skip a step when it came to hitting our goals. In the first phase of our strategy (where we aim to simply prove that social media CAN directly drive sales), we attributed 157 purchases, clearly accelerating past initial expectations. Drive's overall goal for our partners is to get a 3x return on their investment by the end of the first year, which Red Rock Running Company is now within shouting distance of after only three months. In addition, for every dollar spent on Facebook and Instagram, they saw a 1936% return on ad spend (ROAs).


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