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Refining Taste: Edge Wild Restaurant & Winery’s Partnership with Drive Social Media

Edge Wild Restaurant & Winery, an urban winery concept under the stewardship of Mary Beth Lacey for nearly 11 years, has blended the art of winemaking with modern marketing to create a unique dining and wine-tasting experience. Situated in a bustling urban setting, Edge Wild brings the essence of California, Oregon, and Washington State wines under its own label, offering exceptional value and quality to its guests. The partnership with Drive Social Media has marked a significant shift in how the winery approaches marketing, moving from traditional print advertising to a more measurable and impactful digital strategy.

From Print to Precision: A Digital Marketing Evolution

Previously reliant on print advertising, Edge Wild faced the common challenge of measuring the effectiveness of its marketing spend. The collaboration with Drive Social Media introduced a new era of precision in marketing, enabling Edge Wild to track the cost of acquiring new guests with remarkable accuracy. Spending just under $7.70 to bring in guests who typically spend about $77 represents a substantial achievement in marketing efficiency, with a 10% acquisition cost.

Navigating Challenges with Digital Resilience

The recent global challenges have tested the resilience of many businesses, and Edge Wild was no exception. Drive Social Media became an integral part of Edge Wild’s strategy to navigate these uncertain times, focusing on boosting to-go orders and reaching new customers through social media advertising. This approach not only helped sustain the business but also potentially introduced Edge Wild to a wider audience looking to support local dining establishments during a critical period.

A Partnership Built on Growth and Innovation

Edge Wild’s journey with Drive Social Media underscores the importance of aligning with partners that share a vision for growth and adaptability. The winery’s commitment to exploring new avenues and embracing change has been complemented by Drive’s innovative marketing solutions, setting a foundation for continued success and expansion.

The Art of Making Informed Decisions

For Edge Wild, the decision to partner with Drive Social Media was driven by straightforward math: the return on investment. The clear financial benefits of the partnership have been compelling, with the winery experiencing significant returns that promise to grow as the partnership matures. This outcome highlights the critical role of data-driven marketing in today’s competitive landscape, enabling businesses like Edge Wild to thrive.


Edge Wild Restaurant & Winery’s partnership with Drive Social Media exemplifies how traditional businesses can leverage digital marketing to enhance their visibility, efficiency, and profitability. By marrying the timeless appeal of winemaking with cutting-edge marketing strategies, Edge Wild has positioned itself for a future where quality, value, and innovation continue to attract and delight customers. This collaboration not only ensures Edge Wild’s place in the urban winery scene but also sets a benchmark for how businesses can adapt and prosper in the digital age.