Seeds of Happiness

Video Testimonial

Spreading Joy and Growth: Seeds of Happiness Blossoms with Drive Social Media

Seeds of Happiness, born out of a heartfelt gesture to bring smiles during tough times, has evolved into a beacon of joy and sharing happiness worldwide. Since partnering with Drive Social Media in March of 2017, this unique brand has experienced remarkable growth and a significant increase in its digital footprint, all while maintaining its core mission of spreading happiness.

From Humble Beginnings to Digital Expansion

The story of Seeds of Happiness began in 2006 when a close friend’s son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. What started as a simple, supportive gesture has grown into a mission to spread happiness far and wide. The transition to working with Drive marked a pivotal moment in their journey, transitioning from modest single-digit growth to a substantial 22% increase in website traffic.

A Fresh Perspective with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Working with Drive Social Media has been like a breath of fresh air for Seeds of Happiness, introducing new ideas, creative solutions, and the latest in digital technology. One of the most impactful aspects of this partnership has been the focus on analytics, providing insights into customer behavior and allowing for targeted marketing efforts that reach the heart of their audience.

Empowering Social Media Presence

Drive has empowered Seeds of Happiness with a robust social media strategy, effectively managing their presence across platforms. This has not only increased their reach and engagement but also significantly reduced the workload on their team, freeing up valuable time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Website Revitalization and Immediate Results

The decision to revamp their website with Drive’s expertise proved to be a game-changer. Emmy, a web designer from Drive, visited the Seeds of Happiness studio to understand the essence of the brand. She incorporated personal touches, such as customer letters, into the design, capturing the spirit of Seeds of Happiness in every page. This personalized approach led to an immediate and substantial increase in web sales, with some products selling out shortly after the new website’s launch.

More Than a Service, A Family

The partnership between Seeds of Happiness and Drive Social Media transcends the typical client-service provider relationship. It’s built on mutual respect, shared values, and a genuine commitment to spreading happiness. This collaboration has not only been fruitful in terms of growth and sales but has also been a source of personal fulfillment for both parties involved.


Seeds of Happiness and Drive Social Media’s journey together highlights the transformative power of digital marketing when aligned with a brand’s core mission. Through targeted strategies, creative design, and a personalized approach, they’ve managed to not only increase sales and engagement but also strengthen the message of happiness and community. This partnership stands as a testament to the positive impact that thoughtful marketing can have on a brand devoted to making the world a happier place.