It’s pretty common knowledge (at this point) that video on Facebook is standard protocol. It’s the site we all visit to see videos we didn’t know we wanted or even needed to see. Sponsored video, Facebook suggested video, Facebook live video stream—the opportunities to showcase the exact content you want to share are expanding rapidly, and experts estimate the social media platform will be nothing but video in just a year or two.

This might be why Facebook has decided to finally drop Oculus Virtual Reality into the mix with its standalone 360 VR app. That’s right, you heard me… Facebook Virtual Reality. Cue the Jamiroquai and let me tell you a few reasons why this virtual insanity could mean big things for your brand.

1) When You’re on the Cusp of Innovation—Everyone Pays Attention

Look, we all know they exist. Those “early adopters.” The ones that will do just about anything to be the first to try a new product, technology, or breakfast sandwich that their favorite brands offer. However, they might be exceptions to the rule, but do they have to be?

360 degree VR video











Imagine if you will, that you’re opening up a new restaurant in conjunction with one you already own. Now, imagine being able to show 360 degree VR video of the space before and after the transformation. They could actually see and feel what it is like to sit and enjoy themselves at your space. That would be pretty powerful, wouldn’t it? That would probably capture the imagination of your Facebook Fans and followers enough to where they would want to come and experience the atmosphere for themselves. Well, with this new technology you’ll now be able to do just that.

“Facebook has been transparent about its enthusiasm for both video and virtual reality, so bringing those two paradigms in closer proximity makes strategic sense for the company,” eMarketer analyst, Paul Verna said. “Whether users will embrace VR en masse is another question, but in the near future we can expect lots of experimentation by brands, publishers and creative innovators.”

2) An Entirely New Opportunity to View the World Will Be at Your Fingertips

Are you beginning to imagine what sort of magic this could do for your brand? Are you imagining how much more memorable your product would be to your audience? To your potential consumers?

If you aren’t yet. You should be.

Graph of the Usage and Awareness of Virtual Reality 2016 by

According to, the usage and awareness of virtual reality technology among internet users currently soars above the already existing 360 degree video, a full 17% percent higher. The catch (as there always is one when Facebook tests out new social strategies) is that they are only testing the mobile feature out on a select few as of now—the lucky ones who can view this 360 degree VR world are those who own Samsung VR Gear. How much this will continue to rise when more products become aligned with this technology still remains to be seen.

3) Your Audience Can Literally Come in and Take a Look Around

This 360 degree, virtual reality feed can be filled with any new and exciting content. Seriously. This technology will allow for your videos to feel more immersive, interactive, and for an opportunity to be filled with richer content. You’ll be able to tour potential apartments, experience a private flight, or see what it’s like to prepare a best dish in a kitchen…. In short, this can give your brand a new breath of life.

It’s a new way to connect to your specific audience, to bring them further into engaging and interacting with your brand. It’s a way to say, come on in, take a look around.


Picture of iPhone with Facebook 360 virtual reality video

This feature bridges a wide gap between viewer and audience, it pushes first person perspective even further. It invites, it ensnares, and I can tell you one thing, this Copywriter cannot wait to see what this particular feature holds in store for the future of our partners.

However, how Facebook will open this up on other devices in the future still remains uncertain. We just know, more is coming…  

Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers at the ready though, because there’s no telling what the future might hold in store for this social feature, and you can be sure Drive will be all about it when it’s ready.