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Case Studies

Our Case Studies

As a professional social media marketing agency, we pride ourselves in giving you and your business the most accurate results possible. This is why the main focus of our partnerships is to help build a winning marketing strategy. When it comes to the specific goals and successes of your marketing campaigns, we are an extremely data driven company. We believe in numbers, because numbers never lie. Whether it’s increasing social awareness, driving more web traffic to your site, developing website content, or simply putting your message in front of your brand’s desired, specific audience, our team keeps a watchful eye over your campaign statistics. Whatever your desired objectives of social media marketing are, we always keep data in mind. After all, what kind of marketing agency would we be without a little split-testing!


Below, are some examples of our partners who have benefited from our attention to this social data strategy. We ran a myriad of case studies in marketing management to provide the best social campaign advice possible to our partners, and to ensure the best results in their future social marketing campaigns. Some of these include examples of search engine optimization (SEO) for a popular sushi restaurant, social media strategy for a local community college, and web development and design study for a popular brewery in the St. Louis area. So whether it’s branding, blogging, social ads, or strategy, we’ve got you covered! If you’re interested in learning more about how Drive Social Media helped these clients, click below!